How Do I Subtly Flirt With My Crush Without Making It Obvious? I Am A Shy Girl And I Am 13 And My Crush Is 14. We Are Both Too Young To Date. What Are Ways I Can Tell He REALLY Likes Me Back? How Can I Be Sure He Likes Me Back Without Asking Him?


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Find out his starsign, and then google how to attract a " whatever he is  "

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Get to know things about him his interests and hobbies, then ask him questions about them, if he plays sport maybe go to one of his games so you have something in common to talk about.
Please don't change who you are don't start to dress differently or use language that you wouldnt usually use or do things such so he wil notice you though, you don't really need to flirt,  if he is worth it he will notice you and like you for who you are.
I know that you said you are shy and thats ok because most of the time we are to afraid to ask questions because we are afraid that the answer will be something we don't want to hear.  A good idea is to get one of your friends to ask one of his friends but this can also sometimes start rumours so be careful about who you choice to tell. Because he is older than you he might think you are quite mature if you do ask him straight out. 
You sound like a very wise girl because you said that you are both to young to date, its ok to have crushes its good practise for the real thing when you are ready to date. Just don't do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable and hey if this doesnt work out you'll have plenty of chances later on when the time is right.
Hope this helps ;)
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Thanks so much, I am the one who asked this question. I have one problem, though. My parents disagree with crushes when I know that they are normal and nobody can help them. But my parents don't feel the same. What should I do?
By the way, he seems to like me well enough, he hangs out with me sometimes but nothing serious since we are way too young for a serious relationship. Thanks again, and God bless!

-Forgiven13 [ I wish not to give my real name =) ]
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My parents feel the same way about crushes and forbid me to like mine. It's tough sometimes, isn't it?
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My boyfriend wasn't allowed to date untill he was 15 and now he is, but I asked him oit when he was 13. He said something like, I like you back but I can't date until I am 15. When he turned 15, I was invited out to dinner with his family and we have been dating for a year. Now I am 15 and he is 16.

Btw: Don't expect your relationship to turn out like this because we have been next door neighbors for 7 years and sometimes I ress him up as a girl. It is hilarious! ;)
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Hi there,
My name is Chantelle and I am going to try and answer your question as fully and best as I can.
Well firstly you can see how he acts and the tings he does with you. Now I know this probably sounds totally strange but one day book somewhere to go and you say to your crush you will pay for it , go to the place and tell your crush that you have forgotton your purse and you was really looking forward to going to that place. If your crush says oh never mind he obviously doesn't care about what you want, but if he offers to pay you know that he will do anything to see you happy and you know that he really cares about you.
I do hope I helped and I wish you luck
Chantelle xxxxx

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