I am in love with my english teacher im 14 and he is like 30 i think he always smiles at me and makes me feel special i wish i could tell him i like him, what should i do cus if he feels the same way it would be great, if he dont it would be awkard?


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Don't tell him! You don't want to get him in trouble.
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roaming insomniac
In the USA it is ILLEGAL for a 30 year old man to date not only a student but a CHILD. In whatever country YOU Live in, it might be okay, but it's not here. He would go to PRISON.
roaming insomniac
Apparently he is some immoral idiot. A FOURTEEN year old child cant date a THIRTY year old man in America. Maybe in some pagan country they can. So this guy isn't from the USA and doesn't know anything about our laws.
lily Jones
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If you date him he would be considered a pedophile.
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First of all, it would be illegal for you guys to actually do anything. I'm not sure about dating or kissing and stuff but I wouldn't risk it. Second of all, you're 14. He's 30.. A bit of an age difference there, don't you think? He's way more experienced in life than you are and could very easily take advantage of you. If I was in your position I'd try finding someone just as sweet, but your own age.
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Find someone your age girl.
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Well buddy this situation,  like a older women seeking young boy , its totally illegal in USA so don't even think about it :( it would make a lifetime trouble for both of you so just leave it.

Just find some cute girl of your age :)

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