So I like this guy, he is always texting me. I ask him to walk to the bus with me and he does. When I am upset he gives me hugs. He does some of these things with other girls so I can't tell if he likes me or if he is just being really friendly... What do you think?


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Try to read into his actions more.  Does he do anything that singles you out as special compared to the other girls?  If not, he may just be being friendly.

If you are interested in him, try to see if he shares that.  Edge around it, by giving him compliments and starting to flirt with him.  If he doesn't respond, then you will have your answer. 

*You can just come out and ask him for a date.  However, then you may have to face rejection.  Normally, this is how I act.  Usually it has yielded me with good results, but that is reflective of my personality.

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Melody Rockefeller
Thanks for the advice but about 2 days ago he found out that I liked him and the feeling isn't mutual I'm absolute crushed :(
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I think he is friendly with you but if you like him them go out for a date and express your  feelings.

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It's hard to say for sure if he likes you. Some guys are just naturally touchy feely with their friends, it doesn't always mean that they have romantic feelings.

Of course what you have described is definitely flirty, I wouldn't argue with that, but oftentimes people flirt because the attention makes them feel good, rather than to show someone that they like them.

The only way of knowing for sure is to ask him! I know it can be difficult to bring up the topic sometimes, but if he does have feelings for you then it could lead to something great. If not, providing you do it casually and without pressure, there is no reason that it needs to ruin your friendship. If he's a decent guy then you should both be able to get past it.

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