Does age matter when dating? Like does the man have to be older?


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lloyd dailey Profile
lloyd dailey answered
Age has nothing to do with it unless it,s at a illegal age ! Also if you 2 happen to get married you want someone young enough to see your kids grow up ! But as for just dating then the age limit, as long as it,s legal , is fine !
Mike J Profile
Mike J answered
Anyone who says "Age is just a number" is totally incorrect, age can be a HUGE factor in a relationship, and if you're young, you can't be any more than a few years apart (where I live, there's a "4-year rule" if you're under 18). Age doesn't ALWAYS have a huge affect if it's just a couple years, but if your ages are too far apart, it can negatively affect your relationship, and even get you into trouble with the law.

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