What Do You Call A Man Who Dates An Older Women?


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  • What do you call a man who dates older women?
There is not a particular name that is commonly attached to a man who dates older women. Some possibilities include a 'Panther' a 'Cougar Chaser' or a 'MILF Hunter'.

  • What do you call a woman who dates younger men?
A woman who dates younger men is commonly referred to as a 'Cougar'. This is a humorous and light hearted name and the reason that name is given to women who date younger men is because that situation is quite rare. Women will often date older men than themselves and this was traditionally because women were partnered with men who could look after them and provide for them and their family. An older man was more likely to be financially secure and provide the security that a woman would have needed years ago. Society has changed over the past 50 years and this stereotype is no longer applicable. These days, women are just as likely to provide for themselves and their families which means that they do not need a safe and secure relationship with a financially stable man. This means that the traditional relationship with an older man is no longer the norm and many women are happy to have a relationship with younger men so 'Cougars' are becoming more usual.

  • What is 'Cougar Town'?
The term 'cougar' was made more popular recently with a hit US comedy 'Cougar Town'. This TV show stars Courtney Cox, who once starred as Monica in 'Friends', She plays an attractive woman in her 40s who has recently become single and is looking to date younger men. The comedy has a fun and light hearted approach to the topic and shows that older women are perfectly happy to date younger men.
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I will say lucky man
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He's a male cougar ;D
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LUCKY because  he will learn a lot.  She will not be silly or superficial.  He will not be a "boy toy" unless he allows himself to be.  If the power in the relationship is distributed evenly both will benefit.
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A person who has taste. We each have our own type and why should we condemn the other for such a choice? All of these boundaries are blurred on dating sites like this website. I met a lot of cool girls and women and generally forgot about this stereotype about age. Life is short and why limit yourself?

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If there is an age disparity in a sexual relationship between two people then the older woman is called a cougar woman and the younger male in such a relationship is called a boy toy.

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