OLDER WOMEN-I am 18 who has a thing for an older coworker of mine (she's 26). I'm decently handsome and the two of us have been flirting for a while, but I wanted to know: What do older women think about younger guys? DO I have a shot in bed?


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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

She's called a Cougar here by flirting with you and every guy should have at least one fling in their life with an older woman. But don't look for a long term relationship here although they do happen but also its very dangerous to have an office romance as it could come around to bite you in the butt so be careful what you do here as she could eat you alive and spit you out , embarrassing you to death at work.  

She may just be a big tease here and having some fun but make sure she isn't married or has a huge BF that could tear your head off.  Good luck and have fun

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PJ Stein answered

The answer is most likely no. You can't even legally drink. She could even be arrested for giving you alcohol when trying to set the mood. And if you do stand a shot, it is because she wants to manipulate you. Move on.

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