I Really Like A Guy Who Thinks I'm Annoying. He's A Year Older Than Me Though, What Should I Do?


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If you're at the age where a year's age difference is still a big deal, then it's probably best to forget about him. The chances are he thinks you're annoying because you're younger than him, and that's not likely to change until you're both older.
The worst thing you can do when somebody finds you irritating is try to change their mind. I know it's tempting to keep talking to them to convince them otherwise, but that's only likely to annoy them more.
Instead of pursuing a guy who isn't interested in you, try to move on. That doesn't mean you have to pounce on the next boy you see - you can move on without finding someone else.
You might want to try the following things in order to get over him:
  • Try not to see him. There's some truth to the phrase 'out of sight, out of mind;' if you're not bumping into him every week, and he isn't constantly popping up on your Facebook feed, you're less likely to think about him. It might be hard at first, but it'll get easier!
  • Spend time with other people, and keep yourself busy. If you're having fun without him, he probably won't cross your mind as much.
  • Make a list of all the reasons why he's not that important. You can do this in your head if you don't want to write it down. People tend to be more attractive when they're unattainable, so it might be that you're interested in him because you know he doesn't want to date you. Once you get to know someone, you discover things about them that stop them seeming so perfect - you might have found him annoying if you'd started dating!
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First thing you've got to do is figure out WHY he thinks you're annoying.  If you think that the reason behind his annoyance is caused by a negative attitude, then you can change it for the better.    If the reason is simply because he doesn't like you as YOU, then I suggest that you slowly detach your affections from this guy. Why? Because any person, whether a man or a woman, a gay or a lesbian, old or young; as long as they cannot fully accept you for who you really are, is not worth keeping.  Remember, if you want to change your ways, you shouldn't do it for other people--you should do it for yourself.    Negative feedbacks, when taken positively, cause us to alter aspects of our personality in order to improve mentally, emotionally, and physically.  So just contemplate a little on this.    Why does he find me annoying? Is it REALLY TRUE that he thinks I'm annoying? Is his opinion about me worth getting worked up with? Who is he in my life, anyway? Is he the only guy in the world? Will my world end if he thinks I'm annoying? Do I have to change anything just to please him?  ^_^
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He doesn't know me well. He was my sister's basketball coach, and I thought he was really cute. I've tried talking to him (both in person and online), but I never get more than one or two word answers. My sis told me that means he thinks I'm annoying.... :'( What do I do?
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Find out why he thinks you're annoying.
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I just want to say, I am currently in this exact same situation, except he is in love with my best friend and I, kind of, set them up. Which I know sounds really stupid, but I am hoping it will make him happy and maybe give him a bit of closure. Didn't really work, now I just find myself being kind of jealous. If you really love him, like I do with mine, then this is definitely going to be really difficult for you, let me know if you discover anything that works.
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Try to leave him and find another guy.
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Don't act too desperate cause that can be really annoying. If he aint into you move on to the next best thing..trust me it works :-)
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I think that might be my problem? I am a little unsure how to react when he's around, so I've been overly hyper when he's around. I don't think it helps that since his classroom's next to mine, I always show up early for class >

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