My Mom Wont Let Me Talk To My Friend Online Because He's Older Than Me She Thinks He's Going To Be A Killer Thats Going To Kidnap Me Just Because Im 13 Should I Keep Talking To Him Secretly? Help?


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Your Mom knows best even we think we're right! Do not continue to talk to this person. You are only 13 and will meet so many others in your life! Keep it Moving and don't feel bad not talking to this person!
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I don't think you should be talking to an older guy on the internet because lots of things have happened. Your mom does know best. But my advice is if you are going to keep talking to him you should be very alert. Keep all your personal info. To yourself. I am only telling you this because I know teenagers I was one a some years back and if you want to talk to him you are going to do it no matter what anyone says. So just be careful.
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I used to do that but just don't give any information
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How much older? If he is over 18 you should not talk to him because that is dangerous. If he is 15 or so. Talking isn't a problem but still don't give out information.
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Kimora Liu
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Umm well he is a little older than 18 but we are only friends we just talk about polution and stuff like that
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If you havent actually met him and he's only a online friend then I think your mom is right. He may not be a killer, but it could be dangerous dealing with someone like that. You definitely SHOULD NOT try and secretly talk to him-- there are plenty of people out there who are around your age and can be just as cool. My advise is to Call it quits with him, because you can never be to safe. Hope this helped, and I hope you take my advise. Good luck. (:
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To be realistic, talking online is not a problem as long as you don't use your real name or location, or any personal activity location information, and under no circumstances should you arrange to meet anyone. Except maybe guys near your age in a public location near home, but remember without proof, a contact on line can be lying.
You should not really lie to your mother, but you could try to reassure her that you will not attempt real life contact!
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Kimora Liu
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Thanx for your answer and i dont use my name or location we just talked about stuff i never talked about myself one bit
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No, because he might be a bad person and you should always trust your mother. And usually teens go on Myspace and find like these other people, mostly girls look for boys and the boys r usually lieing about everything. There could be a girl pretending to be a boy on there. On the news there was this one girl and she met this one boy who was really a girl pretending, and like they were getting to become good friends, but then the boy said really nasty comments to the girl, and the girl couldnt take it no more, so she comitted suicide. That's why you should never trust people on Myspace.
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I think that the plain fact that you are asking strangers their opinion in regards to this says you have already made your mind up. Which in turn tells me that there is a possibly of your mothers "worst nightmare" coming true... I guess its your call though...
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Well do you know him. Like from school?...if you know him personally then you should have a right to talk to him. But if you just found him online hes probably not who you think he is.
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No i met him online but you're right i should be extra careful he might not be the person i think he is
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As one of your best friends, you know I'm going to tell you to be safe. Just like everybody else listen to them. They are right I don't know what id do without you. And since when did you get a blurtit and not tell me!
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Personally I think you should listen to your mum.. Because I'd rather be safe than sorry xxx

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