My Girlfriend Thinks I Don'T Trust Her And Wants To Break Up With Me, Is There Anyway In Which I Can Talk To Her?


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What did you do to make her think you don't trust her. If you were spying on her or checking her phone ,etc..., she may think you are smothering her. If you want her back, you need to back off and give her some space, she is not a piece of property
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First of all you may want to ask yourself if you really do trust her and be honest with yourself. Then be honest with her because she already knows just by your actions. Also let her know you respect her decision and although it's not what you want, will do the right thing and honor that. Begging and pleading with her to change her decision will do nothing to validate her feelings except to push her further away. Then make and check off a list of things you've put off doing. Keep yourself busy taking care of you and don't call, text, drive by her house, have a friend call or contact her (accidentally or otherwise) at all. Give her the space to call you and when she does - be ready to listen and willing to work at finding a way to eliminate trust issues in the relationship.
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Well I'm going through the exact thing and the best to do just to start over build trust back up words can't bail you out only how strongly she feels.

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What makes her have these thoughts? If you have done nothing to give her reason to think that you don't trust her and if discussing the issue does not solve the problem maybe you should move on and make a new friendship,but check yourself thoroughly to make sure she has no legitimate reason to feel this way and you must have tried unsuccessfully to make her feel secure in the relationship and all efforts fail, you can not hang around and keep beating a dead horse,so to speak, and going by your question you are getting nowhere...Luck to you.....   
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You know most women like flowers or a teddy bear. This will give you a smooth entry on the making up and will start a conversation. Be nice with your words when you talk.
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Well to start there has to be a good reason why she don't trust you. As a female we just don't stop trusting over anything stupid. But it depends on the nature of what happen if you have cheated in the past and have promise to be faithful then understand that it takes time to trust over again. Cause once someone has but all there all into being with you doing everything they possible can for you and have this high standard towards you all it takes is one thing to ruin all that up. So give her sometime, anything that she needs from you to make trust you again do it, and ten times more love her more than you have before, go over and beyond not just flowers and candy, do unexpected things, surprise her with dinner dates or limo rides or just little gestures with notes around the house, of at her work place something creative that you haven't do before just to let her know that you have change and willing to do anything so be prepare and good luck from another woman.

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