There is a girl in my school, that looks at me a lot, but I don't directly look at her, but she is still in my field of sight, so when she does look at me, and I look back at her, and she darts her head off. I want to talk, but she is always with friends. Advice?


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Walt O'Reagun answered

"Hi.  Can I talk to you alone for a minute?"


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Christian Leckey
Christian Leckey commented
Ehab, do you play any sports? Does she play any sports/ If so talk to her about sports, it can be anything!
ehab mokhtar
ehab mokhtar commented
i got what to talk about covered, its that i dont know how to start it and when, since she is always near her friends
Christian Leckey
Christian Leckey commented
Start simple, I'm guessing you have at least one class with her?
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KA RR answered

It's hard, I get it. I'm a girl and there are some instances where that happens. Maybe you should wait for a chance you pass by her in the hallway. Try complementing something about her, then go on from there.

You should first start off with a friendship. Try to gain her trust first so if you do plan on having a relationship with her, then your foundation will be on that trust.

Best of luck!

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