My Girlfriend Is Sick And I Want To Be Sympathetic. I Can't Be With Her, She's At A Cottage Up North With Her Family. We're Just Texting. So How Can I Text Her In A Way, Saying That I Want To Be With Her And Snuggle And Stuff?


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If you are thinking about what to text, you are probably reading too much into it and should try your hardest to just say what is on your mind, as long as it is relevant.

By the sounds of it, you care about your girlfriend very much so make sure that you let her know that. Here are a few things that might be helpful to put in your text message.

  • Tell her that you are missing her and that you wish you were there with her.
  • Ask her how she is feeling and if she has gotten any better.
  • Let her know that you love her and that you are thinking of her.
  • Try to keep her upbeat and text about all of the things you will do when she gets better and you see her again.
  • Let her know what you have been up to so that she has something else to think about other than being ill.
  • Don't tell her that you have been having too much fun without her!
You should just be honest and let her know that although you are miles away and can not be with her, you are looking forward to seeing her and you are upset about the fact that she is ill and suffering and you can not be there to make her feel better.

If you can, rather than sending a text, give her a call. She would probably prefer that to a text and hearing your voice is bound to cheer her up and make her happy. If she has lost her voice, even just talking to her and telling her not to say too much will also make her happy to know that you are worried enough to call.
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Just tell her you wish you could be there with her to help her feel better,if you feelings can make things better she will be well in a flash...LOVE and KISSES
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Give her some compliments like "there are millions of girls who cry into their pillow every night, wishing they were as beautiful as you are."
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First show her you  felt sorry. And reveal your optimism in her recovery. Plus I wish I wish I wish..
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I agree with Ryanna, just say exactly that... You said it to us in your post... Now put the same words in a text to her.. Good luck
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You add that you would like to be with her because you're devoted to her in sickness as well as health. You vow you would hold her until she was all better.
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Looks like you already know how to say Send her the message you just posted, and she will get the idea.
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Just tell her how you fell that you want to be there with her want take care of her and to hold her....
SANDI SMITH answered
Just tell her how you feel.  Open up your heart.  It really makes a girl feel special when you tell them how much she means to you.

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