When I See Garrett In The Hallway I Cant Breathe And Its Like There's No One Else In The Hallway Plus I Sometimes Hear The 'Here Comes The Bride Song' What Is Going On?


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Softball you will be alright ...sounds like you have fallen a little for this guy ...my son is sixteen and he just fell in love for the first time and his mind went crazy .....with some advice from his father Socrates he is balancing out ...I am 47 years old and I know what you are going through ...ones emotions can take one away at this age ...but you...like my son seem to have a great spirit for life .....and this is only a small moment in your life which you will look back on and laugh one day ...enjoy  this time but don't let it get the best of you ....have fun enjoy life ...but be wise...
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You are suffering from what I call Teen Mania. It's the same thing that causes fans of popular entertainers to swoon at concerts, or worse to riot and cause the concert to be cancelled.

It is a form of infatuation brought on by a surge of hormones and inexperience with the feelings that are brought on by that surge.
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You're in love...or making it all up...you'll get over it
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Aint making this up!! And thanks i feel the support and confidence in your answer
Kevin Cronk
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Sorry to say, but, either you'll do something about it or you won't. Only you can make that decision. A strong relationship should start off as friends anyway. I think, if you are truly serious, you guys are off to a good start on a long lasting relationship. Good luck with it!
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Ok u love him
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Hi Softball.I think someones in love,and it's YOU.I think it's time you and Garrett had a long talk about how you BOTH feel.
Oh!Don't be embarrassed,these are enlightened days.Good luck
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G'day Softball12

Thank you for your question.

Could it be that you are in love with him?

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Hmmmmmmmmmm! Gee i wonder wat that could mean?! Perhaps u fallin in love with him. Hahahaha!

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