I think I fell in love with a female teacher at my school. I've never had her for a class though. I see her in the hallways, she is engaged. Also I just graduated from the school. What should I do?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

That's pretty easy. I think it's infatuation really. I had a really hot teacher in my senior year and a bunch of us all loved her, or so we thought. Once I was out of school, it just kind of went away but I've never forgotten her. No, it's just a case of infatuation. She's already engaged and happy. Best thing to do is just back off and keep your heart to yourself till the right young lady comes along for you. One that is unattached.

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You should just leave her be. She is engaged. That is not right to try taking another mans girl / wife to be...Now if she didn't teach at your school that you attended and wasn't engaged and you are both legal age it might be little different.. My advice just leave things be and don't bother, cause it can cause some trouble  - she could lose her teaching job.

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