How Can We Have A Good Marriage?


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I agree with what Tiggersmom said but I want to add one thing.  We all get use to one another after a couple of years and tend to get slack on the romantic side of live and that is the worst thing that you can do.  Do special things together.  Make time so just the two of you can be together without any interruptions from children or other people in that way the two of you will never get board with one another.  About 50 % of affairs starts because of people that don't keep their romantic side of live life and well
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There is no fool proof way of having a perfect marriage but you can get close just know that you are two different people and you are still growing,understand one another's growth share conversations,attempt to grow together and not apart,remind one another how important you are to one another,never forget you are also friends,to one another. These are just a few things to consider when working toward a good and lasting marriage, along with the give and take,I know of no perfect marriage because there are no perfect people but you can have a good and long lasting marriage......Good Luck to you both  
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Always talking with one another, and being friends with one another. There are going to always be hard times and tough spots that come along, and it takes a strong bond between you to make it through. Honesty is also another part of making it work. If you can't trust your partner to be honest, then there really isn't a basis for the marriage. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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Good Communication, respect, same values, be friends, lovers and a married couple at the same time...
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In order to have not just a good marriage but a great marriage, you need to follow these steps. First thing you need to do is eliminate all the habits, activities and behaviour which have a negative effect on your spouse. Spending two to three hours every day will fill the spaces of emotional and intimate needs. You should try meeting each other's emotional needs. It is very important not to get involved in an affair. Also, give attention to your money, house and other responsibilities and kids. After you have made sure of all the above points, here are a few more pointers to have a wonderful married life. Going out on a date regularly will make you both fall in love again with each other. It is also important to have a passionate sex life and the most important thing, act like adults rather than fighting every other day of your lives.

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