Can Anyone Please Tell Me Ten Golden Rules For A Successful Marriage?


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For a successful marriage the most important factors are mutual trust and respect for each other. It'll give you a severe headache and sleepless nights if you don't respect or trust your life partner and you'll be expecting problems. Therefore before choosing your life partner first search your soul and heart about him/her. If your inner voice is not positive and you've got doubts over the loyalty and commitment of your life partner it's better not to tie a knot with that person.
Since getting married is not a joke that's why it should be taken very seriously and every aspect and angle must be taken into consideration. Here are some golden rules that may help you in living a happy married life.
1. Develop mutual trust with each other.
2. Follow a "Give and Take" policy.
3. Start every day a "New and fresh" day and bury all the problem of yesterday with it.
4. Admire and praise each other open-heartedly and regularly.
5. Understand your partner's problems and co-operate with him/her in solving the problems.
6. Exchange "gifts" with each other.
7. Never remove romance from life.
8. Develop the ability to admit mistakes and ask for forgiveness.
9. Always tell each other that you are the luckiest person to have such a loving life partner.
10. Be loyal and sincere with each other.
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I think there are some other issues worth mentioning.
1. Practice forgiveness
2. Slow to speak, Control your tongue. Words will destroy a lifetime of friendship.
3. Give, give, give -reap what you sow.
4. Believe.
5. One day at a time.
6. Repeat all of the above daily.
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Trust, respect, sacrifice, patience and -the most important- truly love.
I wish I helped.
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Smiling charming old couples make us wonder as to what is the mantra of their successful marriage. No marriage is perfect and any two individuals living together are bound to have differences of opinion; but it needs a lot of adjustments and compromises to be able to live happily ever after.

The ten golden rules of marriage are:
1. Trust each other.
2. There has to be give and take in a marriage and allow each other space to grow.
3. Do not both be angry at the same time and shout at each other unless the situation demands it.
4. Allow your partner to win the argument.
5. Phrase the words very carefully, while criticizing so as not to hurt each other.
6. Never rake up past mistakes.
7. Keep the romance alive in the marriage. Appreciate each other and nurture the relationship by taking care of each others likes and dislikes.
8. Resolve all arguments and fights before retiring for the night
9. Anyone can make mistakes; admit it and ask for forgiveness
10 Always remember money does not buy happiness but a happy marriage can make life meaningful and enjoyable.
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I don't think there is golden rule for a successful marriage. It is just, when you marry a person, you are in love with that person. When a person is in love, (truly in love) he or she treat the person he/she with respect, it's just make sense because you don't want to not this person not love you any more if you don't see it that way. But of course, that' also a clue to know if that other person love you is if they treat you with respect back. So, You get love, when you give love, you get respect, when you give respect. If you are the only one giving love and respect, you are already abusing your own self and might be the faulty side because your telling the other person to just use you in a way. It has to be balance but it can also be discussed with your partner.
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Many different rules and regulations can be told for a successful marriage but I shall try to highlight only those rules, which are more affective and easy to act upon.
1. First of all you should have true trust on your wife. If she takes certain decisions for the betterment of the family, you must second her.
2. You must be sincere to your wife and children as well as to your house.
3. You should take care of the needs of your wife and children.
4. You should try to earn that much which is sufficient to fulfil the requirements of your family.
5. You attitude towards your wife and children always love.
6. You should take care for the relatives of your wife.
7. You must often appreciate the dishes and foods, which your wife cooks for you and your children.
8. Make yourself able to lead the life of compromises.
9. Visit your in-laws whenever your wife asks to do so.
10. Above all you should have true love for your wife as well as your children.
By adopting these rules you can enjoy a successful marriage.
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I don't believe in rules in a marriage.I believe in love, honor and in trust.But I do believe that God comes first then your spouse then your children.But I do believe that you should always tell each other every day how much you love each other.And remember never go to bed mad.Thats a no no.
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While these aren't golden rules, they are common knowledge & common sense:
Really love your partner for who they are & not necessarily how they look
Have trust in each other
Be open and honest with each other
Listen to each other
Spend time with each other
Respect your partner
Keep romance in your life, kissing for no reason, holding hands when walking, hugs
Keep a balance in life: Family, work, friends
Be giving...marriage isn't always 50/50, but each partner has to put in to it
Try not to ever go to bed angry.. We always kiss at night, and say I Love You... We just never want to have to say "I wish I would have told him/her I Love You one last time. When I leave for work in the morning, we always Kiss and say I Love You.
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Trust is important and that goes along with the removal of jealousy.
Open communications. Listening as well as speaking.
Being friends along with lovers.
Being able to compromise and give more than you take.
Strong effort in trying to understand the others feelings and the knowledge on the others that you can't always totally understand what the other is feeling.
Understanding that you can't control the other person and the other can't control you
Having similar desires for how you want to live the remainder of your lives.
Financial stability. Knowing what moneys are available and what you have to live on along with living within your means.
Taking care of the physical needs of your partner.
Being happy with yourself so that you can be more happy with your spouse and family.
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Ten golden rules are

1. Have Trust on your partner
2. Never prolong a fight with your partner
3. If one partner is angry other has to cool down
4. Spend more time with your partner
5. Give respect to the words of your partner
6. Taking care of the needs of your partner
7. Donot give false impressions
8. Donot dig past bad experiences (fights/ argumeny)you had with your partner
9. Ensure that no third person involvement is there your family life, when you fight or argue
10. Love .. Love.. Love

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