What Are Common Marriage Problems?


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Things are always not that much good as we are expecting. Our life is totally unpredictable; we don't know what will happen to us in the next moment marriage life is the most beautiful relationship in once life. But some of us beaus of our immature attitude toward life just spoil the beauty of the whole relation. Marriage life is the name of commitment which should be shown from both sides. A problem arises in marriage life when two individuals from two different families and two different personalities' interact.

Then clashes start between them which highlight the misunderstanding between them. When a person gets married there are both of responsibilities which he has to face, so the time or care should be given from both the partner to develop the relationship. One common problem that generally arises is the people start thinking they have totally different personality so they can't go together for the whole life. Another problem arises on the financial matter. The expense matter always creates an issue between them. The main thing couples have to do is to develop frankness and mean of communication, so that they can discuss their matter easily.
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If the husband expects the wife to cook all of the time and he never cooks that can cause problems. If the husband is sitting in the dining room while the wife is cooking & she walks away for a minute & he doesn't even bother to get up to check on the food but he is furious that it's burnt! That can be a huge problem.

Make sure you don't fight over insignificant things like the dishes being done. I NEVER argue over that. If the dishes don't get done they don't get done. It's not worth arguing over.
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The biggest family problem is money the other is respect
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Child problem ,pregnant problem,relatives problem, money problem, house chores problem ,cooking problem.
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There are so many Marriage problem. Some of them are

1. When one person is in true love and partner cheat him/her.

2. Integrity

3. Misunderstanding

4. Equility Problems

5. Ego Problem

6. Dominating Behaviour

7. Differece in Opinion

8. Family Problem, child problem etc.

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Common marriage problems arise when,

1. there is a difference of opinion
2. Ego's of both people are hurt
3. One partner trying dominate other
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Not bothering to listen to and to try to understand each other can lead to a lot of problems.

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