What Are The Disadvantages Of Love Marriages?


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Another main disadvantages of love marriage is that as soon as couples enter marriage they get bored of each other because they already have been sleeping with each other whereas arrange marriage is different. Many people don't sleep with each other so when they get married they find it very interesting they start falling in love after marriage. When you fall in love before marriage the marriage doesn't last long. For example in muslim countries they have the lowest rate of divorces even though most marriages are arrange marriages but their marriage last for ever with love and joy the reason is that they fall in love after marriage . But in America despite love marriages they have the highest rate of divorces why is because of making love before marriage which ruins the relationship.
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There are no advantages or disadvantages of a Love Marriage. Its all in your and your partner's hands to make it work for a lifetime. It depends solely upon the fact that how long you two can keep the love alive in your relationship after marriage.... That's it....
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The 2nd answer is stupid. But I oppose love marriage too. Your going to break yourself with your family if you accept love marriage. And the person who loves you can cheat and make other mistakes yo!!!!!!
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When the newness wears off, so does the marriage.
if the strong family approval or doing stuff with friends is too strained, the marriage will be only 2 and it takes a whole community to agree on what a marriage is...we all live among other people who will affect us DAILY.
marriage has always been about property and inheritance rights for the grandchildren. Not about love between two people.
most marriages even from biblical times, old testament were NOT monogamous. Men had many wives so they could increase their businesses ( child labor) and tribes.
old marriages were arranged so wives would not cheat. Husbands moved into the future wifes house before she even reached puberty so he would be her only lover. To ensure all the kids were actually his. Sorry jerry springer

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