What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Love?


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Benefits of being in Love.

Firstly it is wise to mention that there are many different types of love. There is love for a parent, a sibling, a partner. There is love for any other family member, for friends and for pets. There is even love for hobbies, jobs and objects.

It could be simply said that there is no disadvantages to love only advantages, but it could also easily be argued that love only brings disadvantages and there are no advantages to it whatsoever. But that all depends on how it has treated you and what it means to you as an individual.

Love for an object, hobby or job has no real disadvantages unless you let that thing run your life and forget about the people that are in your life as they should come first.

Are there any disadvantages of Love?
Love always brings many of the same traits e.g. Trust, companionship and loyalty. These are all very important traits in any relationship and to be able to feel any of them towards another person is a huge advantage as they are all traits that human beings naturally search out due to our basic nature. However, the disadvantages arise not because of love but due to relationships, but because we love someone when they betray us, it affects us greatly making us angry and annoyed as well as sad, although we would probably not feel that way if we did not love that person in the first place.

Also, another disadvantage of love arises from the loss of loved ones through death, which comes naturally to all forms of life be it human, animal or plant. Death is only a disadvantage of love in the fact it makes us sad and can be a tragic event. But in the end, once the mourning is finished, death only helps to prove our love for our lost ones, as we relish in the memories of them that we have and the time that we were able to spend with them.
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Love cannot be described in words, is a very different and beautiful feelings which is so pure and real. This is something which one feels when they like someone, but this liking is different from the liking of a normal friend, you feel like you cannot live your life without that other person and you want to be that person forever. When you are with them the times vanishes away like never before, you start giving that person a different place and value in your life. But there are many advantages and disadvantages of love.

Starting from advantages, love is a very beautiful feeling; it makes one feel on top of this earth and makes them feel important. As if they are special and all these feelings make them happy and they do things in a very cheerful and nice mood. The disadvantage of love is that when you are attached with someone so much that you decide to spend your life with that person and for some reason things do not work out, then there is a huge disappoint and you move away from that person and things get worse, and it takes a lot of time for them to recover and get over it.
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One advantage is Love is great and makes you feel like you one the biggest lotto ever and that you don't need money to live or shelter like you don't care about anything in this world but her or him and like you want to spend every waken moment with this person and talk to them for hours on the phone and you don't want to say good bye.

The disadvantage is when it's over, it's over!!!!  You feel like you got ran over and hit by a freight train and left for dead!!!it feels like your world has come to a towwering end and it feel like the poop is about to hit the fan and your the poop lol. That my opinion.Then you come to your scences any and laugh at yourself that you couldn't believe what you put yourself threw and vow never, ever , never to do it again...And so on it happens again to you!!!
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That would depend on if your question is in the correct category. In business, sometimes long hours, travel, living in foreign countries and other things are expected of you. If your devotion is to business, it is difficult to devote yourself to someone else.
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Advantages is knowing that you have security with someone who you know loves you for who you are. Wants to be with you because they find you amazing like no other. Marriage is one of the many things about love that's great.

Disadvantages is the pain someone can bring to someone's life after they leave you.
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Love is a requirement to live. It's what makes life worth living. It's more complex than all the logic a person acquires throughout their lifetime. Love is everything!

If you birth a baby, give it food, water and change its diapers but using ways where there is no human interaction, the baby will die. This has been proven! That said, love is the reason we live. When you open yourself up to it, there are to extreme consequences that can be experienced. One is powerful warm pleasure that goes beyond reason. The other is pain.
Battle scarred and experienced, I choose love!

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