How Can You Know If You Fell Out Of Love?


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Your question sort of caught my eye, it stood out from all the rest, I guess it's because I know how it feels when you fall out of love and I thought I'd give you my advice on the subject, it's only advice so you can take or leave it, I will let you decide.

When I met my ex boyfriend three years ago, he was wonderful, he had the most gorgeous baby blue eyes, the sweetest dimples on his cheeks when he smiled, the softest blonde hair and he held his body like he ruled the world, I fell for him in an instant, he was my best friends mate and we got on from minute dot. I was in love!

For eight months, we held hands, kissed and went to the movies and fancy restaurants, just the usual relationship stuff including midnight texts just to say that I love him and everything was wonderful.

Then I fell pregnant, and I was happy, I thought my boyfriend would have been happy too, I told him and he wanted to meet for a chat about it, where I found out that he wanted me to have an abortion, he looked at me with a mix of anger and fear, maybe even hatred. I didn't hear from him for three months, even though I sent text after text.

Three months later....I got a message asking about the baby (which I had lost three weeks after he left) and I told him. I agreed to meet him and he was happy knowing the baby was gone. He had the most gorgeous baby blue eyes, the sweetest dimples on his cheeks when he smiled and the softest blonde hair....from that moment I knew, I knew that I didn't love this man who I had once held so dear to my heart. I had a glimpse of his true side and I knew it was over BUT for three months I kept seeing his just to sleep with him, I thought my feelings would change through time....they never did!!

Feeling indifferent?
I fell out of love with this man, I no longer had that tingly feeling when I seen him, or got a text or a phone call, I didn't want to sleep with him anymore and I just wasn't happy, he made me feel annoyed and upset so I ended it with him and I haven't heard from him again.

I hope you can decide to do whatever is best for you and your relationship, don't stay hoping your feelings will change because most times they dont. You, the wonderful woman who asked that question, deserve to be happy and deserve to be with a wonderful man who will have you feeling like a giggly teenager all over again, I found a new man, he makes my world rock and I have never been happier!!

I get the sense that you asked that question to have someone else tell you what you already feel!  If you're asking it then I would say that you are falling out of love :(
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Well you would know when you fall out of love with someone when you are sitting and pondering what you are doing with him/her and when you are wondering if you are making a mistake going out with this "special someone"  like me. I've had this problem. I cried because I couldn't figure out what to do. That's when I knew that I had fallen out of love with him. Well that's my answer.

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