What Are Signs That Your Partner Has Fallen Out Of Love With You?


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Being able to tell when a relationship is coming to an end can be difficult. Sometimes relationships lose their energy and passion, but this doesn't necessarily mean they're ready to be put down (the relationship that is- not your partner).

To work out whether it's the time to end your love affair, I'd recommend you keep your eyes out for the following signs:

Signs that a relationship is over

  • When a relationship is coming to a close, it is likely that both partners are enjoying each others company less and less. This will usually result in small arguments and constant bickering about relatively-inconsequential things. Whilst a certain amount of discord is normal in any relationship, if it seems that you are just living from one argument to another, it's possible that the spark is fading.
  • Does your partner spend a lot of time pursuing their own activities? Does he or she sneak about and not disclose information to you? This is a real red flag. Not spending enough time with a partner is a gripe that most people have, but when it gets to the stage when your other half seems to be spending days on end 'busy doing something', then this is a warning sign.
  • In the early days of a relationship, it may seem like there's no end to the romance and romantic gestures. Once a relationship has lost a bit of steam, the flowers and chocolates usually stop coming. Whilst a 'lack of romance' doesn't necessarily mean your partner doesn't love you, it can be indicative that things have changed.
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When he pays no attention to you, always resting or asleep when you are around, and never want to do anything or go any place with you.
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They may not look forward to seeing you anymore. They stop making an effort to make the relationship work.

If you're apart and that person doesn't miss you- that's a sign.

If you keep giving love and never get anything back.

All of these are quite big signs to knowing that something is wrong. It's always best to confront the person and talk it out.
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They will stop communicating with you or make less communications, and only answer the phone when they feel like it.

They'll say that they are too busy to even see you, when they are doing something completely pointless, and blame you for everything even though its not your fault.

They'll also go to their friends all the time just to avoid you, make you feel that you're completely worth nothing!!
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Lack of communication is one sign, avoiding, making up excuses to why he didn't call you, lack of attention..There are a lot of signs to look for.

If you feel that he doesn't love you anymore then maybe you should try and talk to him so you can get some answers.

I hope I was some help to you!
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You can tell if your partner doesn't love you anymore when he starts coming in later than usual and then make up crazy excuses.

If he does not want to make love anymore or as often as usual, he may say hurtful things, just so you can get upset enough for you to leave him.

And most importantly if he stops telling you he loves you.
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He/she neglects you, and doesn't talk to you properly.
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1) First he stops looking at you
2) He has no time for you
3) He starts avoiding you
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When he does not want to talk any more and does not call or just like looks at you in a strange way.
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They lose affection for you, and are more distant.
They are reluctant to kiss you and touch you, not wanting to be around you as much as they used to be, and fighting more.
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If he keeps making excuses for everything.
If he doesn't make an effort for you like he used to.
If he doesn't take any risks for you like he used to.
If he doesn't think he has enough time to see you or when you see each other its a quick run.
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Okay some avoiding is one of them but what if he really does have a job which has to have a lot of his attention? But if you are asking this question then it's over.
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I think the biggest sign is that you start falling out of touch. Why don't you go do some research on google. There are many websites that have tons of useful information
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- Not Calling You
- Not Holding Your Hand
- Not Doing What He Was Doing The 1st Time You Two Were Going Out.
- Cheated
- Not His Type Any More
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When he doesn't want to make love. He doesn't hold you when you need him. If he can play 10 hours of games and when you ask him to get off he goes to bed. Leaves for work early, never wants you at his job.  Doesn't tell you that he loves you daily. Doesn't want to talk to you about anything.

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If they cheat on you, don't spend any time with you, put other people's feelings before yours.

If they're always going out - there are so may things. Talk to the person, see what's up. Ask them.
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They might not really talk to you as much. I know that from my ex boyfriend 'cause he would never really answer my calls. They might not have time for you or they might say that they forgot to call you.  They could avoid you. I don't know if that helps but those are some signs that I think your partner might not love you anymore.
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Never ! He'll love me for ever. We love the lord, and study daily the word of God. We have a very good Christian marriage because of our relationship with God.

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