When Do You Know If Your Partner Really Is Telling The Truth When They Say I Love You?


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It is the most asked question by lovers of new age that whether their boy friend/girl friend really loves her/him. When you are in front of him/her and he/she is saying "I love you" to you, just look into his/her eyes. If the eyes are saying the same thing, he/she really loves you. Another way to know about the love of your girl friend/boy friend is to tell her/him that "I do not love you" and see the expressions of her/his face.

The expressions of her/his face will tell you that she/he really loves you or not. There is another way to find the answer of this question. Just say, "You do not love me" when he/she is saying "I love you" to you, he/she will change his/her face expressions and you can easily find the answer hidden in his/her expressions that he/she really love you or do not love you. These are the easy method to find out the real love and emotions of your partner.
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I would test him if I were you. Tell him you don't love him and see his reaction. If he still loves you, he will treat you in the same manner that he does now. If his love is conditional, you will see it in his behavior.
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Hey, isn't that game playing? Honesty is too important to a relationship to try that ploy.
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It doesn't matter what someone says, it is all about what they do. If someone loves you then they want you to be happy and they will do loving things for you.
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One thing is for sure, When he is talking to you, observe his eyes, if he is directly seeing your eyes and telling confidently, then he is truthful.
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i have no idea how you detect whether someone really loves you or not. I dont think you can really know unless they go and do something outright which shows you they dont love you. Otherwise people are capable of looking into your eyes and saying they love you.. when really maybe they dont, perhaps because they dont want to hurt you.

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