Should One Hide His/her Feelings From Someone They Love?


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Love is an irresistible feeling, it is true though that no matter how hard one tries he can never hid his feelings for someone. At times, people do that but by doing they don't realize that they are hurting themselves only. It is totally correct to say that in love you don't look at your happiness or your wish. All you care about is someone you love so much.
Even if you try and ignore your feelings and pretend that everything is fine, you will have to face a lot of troubles for yourself and you won't be able to carry on with it. There will be a time when you will feel that need of telling the truth.

No matter how hard one tries to hide his feelings, he will fail because such feelings cannot be hidden, even if you tend to do that the appearance of the person you love will get all your feelings back to you. So it is good to go and tell them how you feel, there is no harm in telling the truth, just tell them what you think about them, and that you just wanted to tell them about your feelings, leave the rest to them. It is not your mistake neither theirs. So be frank with yourself and your feelings too.
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This is a tough one. I will just say that in the case of "true" love, feelings for someone-you can try but I personally don't think it's something you can turn on and off. It's not like a water faucet!
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EXACTLY! I care about someone who I think is hiding their feelings for me because they were hurt from a previous relationship. They basically told me a "no" but could not hide their feelings and then used the water faucet scenario on me. I couldn't agree more. If they do care about you, they will show it one way or another.
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I'm in that situation but is hard how do you really know I wont miss him and maybe I changed my mind and lose him  we went through a lot .at the same time [our relationship isn't the same and I'm young ill just turn 21 this april but I been with him since I was 17 ,moved in together by 18 but miss my independence I what to go out have fun have my friends back meet other guys travel go back to school and save money!!! Because with this one I can't I'm the income in the household so its kind of hard my life is complicated and I'm confused

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