How Often Should You Tell Someone You Love Them?


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Carolyn Jones Profile
Carolyn Jones answered
There is no rule to guideline to let you know how often you should tell someone you love them. Tell them when it comes to you. And say it when you mean it.

When I was little I made a point of telling my parents I loved them every night before I went to sleep in case I didn't wake up the next morning and they never knew how much. Ok, maybe I was a morbid child, but I always meant it. And I still do
When you love someone, and they love you, neither of you will ever get tired of hearing it. Regardless of how grumpy you are, or how it comes out, it always means the same thing.

You don't always have to say it. Love is in your actions much more the in your words. A simple touch, a smile or doing the dishes can be telling someone that you love them.
There is no right or wrong time, too little or too much. Just say it.
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sarah riley answered
You should tell someone you love them if you mean it and it comes from the heart. You shouldn't lie and say you love someone when deep down inside you don't because you can hurt someone's feelings like that. So don't say it if it does not come from the heart.
Laurie Thornhill Profile
Everyday... as long as you are sincerely being truthful. Never tell anyone you love them if you don't.
ReeRee Lynn Profile
ReeRee Lynn answered
Every single day, cause you never know,it might be the last time you ever get to tell them.
Maria Angela Profile
Maria Angela answered
I think everyday...because dey need to know how much we love them
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Ray Ottewell answered
If you love them they should know, just by the way you treat them.No need to keep telling them.
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tavyla answered
At least once and a while because if you tell that person you love them they might think that you want something from them or that you are a weird person.

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