How Do You Tell Someone You Love Them Without Saying It?


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You can't know if you love someone unless you're away from'd feel like something is missing and that you always miss them and think about them and never let go.thats love.its trust and holding on along with faith and happiness.and it never makes sense.but infatuation is a strong like for someone or a crush that fades away with time.
When you love someone you can't open your heart to another and you can't see anyone else.but when you're infatuated that's when you could feel the same way towards more than one person and forget them easily.
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I have to agree! If you just take a break from seeing them and you know talking to them, that means no texting, calling, or seeing him to talk. If you do that and you miss him, think about him a lot, and sometimes have him in your dreams. Then you love him you know :D
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I think you should you should be really nice and show it in your actions and in your body language.After all, saying, 'I Love you" doesn't mean a thing if you don't back it up.
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Write it in a paper and put it in her/ his bag
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Well personally I don't tell people I love them unless its like on msn saying bye lyxx (mainly to lads)ermm well I just flirtt ect- play fighting orr just talkin about things he/she likess
then wen people find out you like them it gets to them and it dusnt really bother you that much
... Just make sure you don't make the mistake I did and thats was not tlking to him after he found out I liked him (got me nowere) until I started talking to him wen I stopped liking him then we got to gether (WE HAVE BEEN TOGETHER FOR 1 YEAT ND 5 MONTH, without 1 break up) BASICALLY FLIRT ;) GETS YOU EVERYWERE IN LIFEE X

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