Is it possible to tell someone is in love with you by the way they look at you?


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Ian Jordon Profile
Ian Jordon answered
I believe it is quite possible to tell that somebody likes you by the way they look at you. Like, if not love.
If they don't make eye contact that much or they tend to look down towards the ground there is a possibility that they may actually be shy. If they look at you and avert their gaze smiling, this could also be an indication of likeness.
Smiling, warm, welcoming eyes is also an indication. Plus, you can feel a bond between the two of you if it's a mutual feeling. That's what I believe.
John Haygood Profile
John Haygood answered
If they can't  sit still when their by you yeah guys seem to show it more
Meta Forrest Profile
Meta Forrest answered
No, but it is possible to tell whether they like you or not .  Once you are in a relationship with them it is possible to know they love you , by the way they look at you . 

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