Do You Think It Is Possible To Love And Hate Someone At The Same Time?


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Of course, because we don't normally hate or love the whole person.  Usually it is something ABOUT the person to which we're responding.

In addition, you can love and hate the same thing about a person.  This is because, not only are different attributes about a person variant over time, but they can also be framed differently based upon the environment in which they are conveyed.

To top it off, you as an observer are always changing, and what you love or hate at any minute might legitimately change as time goes on.

Thus, absolutely it is possible to love and hate the same person simultaneously.

It actually is one of the reasons why I believe marriage vows implicitly have each partner promising to love, be respectful, and faithful regardless of circumstance - because practical long-view love is a matter of choice not emotion.  It is a choice made daily independent of circumstance.  As women need to know the man will love her no matter what, and the men need to know the woman will respect them no matter what, establishing both in the marriage contract/vows and asserting it daily in the marriage relationship can often allow to foster a depth of trust that might not be possible otherwise.

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Perhaps I read the question wrong because of the lack of punctuation. I think the word "someone" should be replace by the words "the same individual." They are both at opposite extremes of the emotions and may apply to two different individuals when used in the same sentence, but do not specifically state they are the same individual spoken of..  Eg. I love my wife, but hate my Mother-in-law, or sometimes I love my husband and sometimes I hate him.    ------Today is Picky Monday for me. Your question has set the tone for my day.
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I believe that you can love someone and hate what they do (or do not do).  It does not necessarily mean that you hate them...just hate their actions.  I can not equate hate and love regarding the same person.  You either love them or not.  You can, however, love them and hate what they represent.  It is the same as a Mother who loves her child although she know that he has done something dreadfully wrong (murder, theft etc).  She love him and hates his actions.  Just another way of looking at the question.....
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Yes, and that's why I refer to her as my "ex-wife".
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Yer i guess so because well Ne-Yo and Rihanna once had a hit called hate how much i love you which was about simply loving someone so much but perhepas they've wronged you so despite the fact your are totally in love with them you ahte the fact you are becassue they once wronged you.
Or hating how much you love someone becasue they can never be yours.
However if you mean lovwe someone and yet also hate someone at the same time i'm not sure as hate is an extrmley powerful word which can be flung about way to much.
So no in myopnion you can not hate and love someone as hate is an extremyl powerful word (:
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I Think So ... WE All Have Moods And Feelings.. Think Of All The People That Are Married And Get Angry At Their Husband Or Wife.
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It is called a love hate relationship. Although I have never experienced this outright myself. I try not to hate anyone but I don't love everybody. Hate is harder on the hater than the hated.
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Yup i think so...because when you love someone and your always with them you get tired of them, but when you never see them you miss it is possible.
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Simon Templar
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You only get tired of someone if you don't grow in the same direction as they do.
Most people don't, which is why it is so easy to get tired of someone - no shared vision and no desire to have one.
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Well i guess its not really hate then,,,just
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Yes, you can! My ex cheated on me and I hate his guts, but deep down I still love him! Could just be because we have a beautiful little boy!!! Haha...
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We can hate someone, yet despite ourselves fall in love with them so that hate and love clash in turbulent waves.
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In that you can love one thing about some one and hate another aspect, I'll say yes.
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Its called loving and caring for them and resenting them at the same time. Possibly for something that they are doing or that they have done. Its a lose/lose situation. You just cant help it.
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Yes it is possible for two people to love and hate one another my parents have been married for 24 years and they are fighting all the time in tell each other i hate your guts and dont talk to one another for days and then they tell each other they love one another be honest with you the love in hate relationship is confusing to me
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Totally and completely.It happens all the time. Ex:When you love someone and you think it's true and you can't live without them then you learn about their bad habits and how sometimes they aren't as perfect as you thought. :(

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