What Age Should I Get Married? And What Age Should I Have A Baby?


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Well 18 or 19 is a great biological age to have a child, but generally a bad psychological age to get married and be raising children. Unless you have the financial resources to do it it will be an up hill battle when you are young and unprepared. Maybe waiting until you and your prospective husband are around 23 years old and through college might bid for a happier life. For you, your spouse, and your potential children. However there are risk either way and it is your life. The main thing to remember is that in the United States around 50 percent of marriages end in failure. This causes often irreparable psychological harm to the children involved and also the parents as well. It is a pie full of greif you won't want to digest. Do all you can to assure you have a partner that is likely to go the distance and that you will be able to keep the commitment as well. Good Luck
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Words of wisdom, Socrates63!! I did marry at 19 & had my 1st child at 21, so did many of my friends, their marriages failed because the maturity level was not there & they were not willing to make the sacrifices necessary to do what must be done to have a successful marriage & did not put the children before themselves. Once a child is in the picture it MUST be #1 in your life for a long, long time. Thankfully, my marriage survived with love and determination. I've now been married 47 years
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That is great to hear. Thanks
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I Got Married At 27 And Had My First Child At 29 But People Told Me  I " Waited Too Long" I Guess The Proper Age Is 21 For Both.. But It Depends On A Lot.  Depends  How Mature You Are  And Can Handle Responsibility... Choose Wisely  Don't Rush.. My Mom Always Said
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That all depends on what you do in life.
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Your age should be at least 25 year for married.
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The best age to get married is 18 but if ur past that, get married 20 years of age.
The age you would get your baby will depend on whom you marry.
Happy to help!
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The answer to both is this - whenever it happens..... Best not to plan out life like a schedule.
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Above 21 for both because if you make a mistake when your so young  it might haunt you for the rest of your life. Oh and is you have a wedding under twenty one you'll have no alcohol at the reception.
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Well it all depends on u and ur parents but...for me i have to say 20 to get married and 25-30 to get a baby
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Let life run it's course.  The right guy will come along in God's time; Not ours.  And then the baby... Same thing.  Let nature takes it's course.  Enjoy today; Never think of tomorrow.
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That's a very good answer
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I agree, things will happen in God's timing, not ours. But, when we make choices in our life, we will face the consequences of those choices...priorities must be decided upon. That is called planning. We must decide what is important to us and work toward that goal. God gives every bird it's food, but He does not throw into the nest. The bird must get off his branch and work to get the food. Your happiness often depends on your choices and your advance planning.
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If it's going to happen,it will.Let life take its course.
When you reach about 45,start getting a bit concerned,if you're still single,and babyless.lol
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I think you shouldnt get married untill like age 21 then have a baby at age 25.
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Biologically, you should have children between ages 14 and 20. Psychologically and socially, you should not get married and attempt to raise a child before you are 25. Practically, things just tend to happen in their own good timescale, it all depends *who* you meet, not when you meet them.
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Marriage well i will say in your 20s thats better . I think having a baby you should be in your 30s or something like that, it depends if your ready and mature to have a baby.

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