What Age Is A Good Age To Get Married?


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In my opinion it does not matter about the age as much.. I feel that it is more on that persons mind and how mature they are. I know people who got married when they were only 15 and are still married to the same person now..I also know people who get married in there mid 20's and last 4 only a few years..So It's just best to say that any age can be good as long as your mind and heart agree on that. You have to be mature to know what you want.
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I think you have to love and respect each other before you get married.And I also think you both have to be ready for that kind of commitments.
I wouldn't want to marry somebody who's not ready to take the step, I would wait for him if he's really serious but otherwise, if he wouldn't want to marry at all I wouldn't waste my time and I would enjoy life.
I really think that marriage is a commitment for life, so you have to really love each other.
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Thank you for the answer, sorry, should have made myself more clear :) we love each other very much, he is my soul mate, i am his, we live together, and we love spending time together. He is planning to get engaged, but it doesn't seem like it is going to happend very soon.
Thank you for your answer! Really appreciate it!
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I think marriage should be illegal before 21 and the couple must know each other for a minimum of one year. I know marriages can work from earlier ages but in truth i think it would allow time for both partners to mature mentally and physically before making such an important commitment. By 21 you will have lived a bit and be more aware of pressures in society that may influence your decision to marry and have kids. Better to be sure now rather than wait till its too late and carry regrets for the rest of your life.
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You are in the right age to get marriage.
Just be sure that both of you are ready to get married. If you have a good job & a good place to live for both of you, then you don't have to worry.
U should sit together & discuss every thing about your coming life then agree on how the wedding will be. AND every thing will be aright if u really love him & I think you do !!
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I don't think there is any right age to get married. I got married 15 days after I turned 18. We have since been together for 12 years. You have to make sure that you both have respect for each other. And for heaven's sake make sure that you talk about things no matter how silly they seem. You need to know where you each stand on the little things and figure out if you can talk those out. If you can't, you don't stand a chance when the big things happen, regardless of amount of love. I don't know why, but being together a long time before marriage seems to make staying married harder for people. Good luck.
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IF you have been together for 4 years and already live together and you're 23, I would say now's a perfect age..Go for it.

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