What Do I Need To Legally Get Married?


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Nowadays it does not take a lot toget married legally.The first thing you need of course is to be of the legal age to get married. Child marriage is a crime in most countries across the world, and a legally punishable offence. Therefore, the first thing you need to ensure is that you have crossed the legal age for marriage. Next, your spouse-to-be also has to be of the legal marriageable age. The same rules apply, and you can be punished for marrying a minor. In many countries this offence is equivalent to rape, and therefore has stringent punitive measures. The third thing is legal consent. Your spouse has to consent to the marriage.You cannot forcea person to marry you. There can be a number of sections of the Penal Code or the judicial equivalent in other countries thrown at you if you try to force a person to marry you. Failure to comply with any of these preconditions makes it impossible for the marriage to be declared legal.

If you are marrying at a court of law, you need to have the ring. The ring is an important part of the marriage ceremony in most countries across the world, and the same holds good in the case of marriage at a courthouse. You also need witnesses to the marriage, both from your side as well as your spouse's.
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A marriage license and some proof to show who you are and who your getting married to and what not.

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