What is the worst thing I can do to someone to get revenge that is still legal?


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orgive.. No satisfaction  can ever come about by avenging yourself

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Eradicating their memory from your mind. IMO There is nothing more insulting than knowing that you meant less than nothing to someone. That you were less than a thought in someone's mind. That your very existence is so easily forgettable. Also for you, by doing so they will no longer control your mind. A win win.

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dragonfly forty-six
At an impasse* not impressive.
dragonfly forty-six
Do you really want me to start pointing out things in your comments that I also find Ironic? Let this go. Not productive at all.
Bikergirl Anonymous
For someone who is so insistant on 'letting it go' .. you seem to be just as intent on continuing .. yet another irony.

So .. ok let's, once and for all, let it go .. I"m sure you will want to respond after this post .. and if that's the case, don't be offended if I don't respond .. I am moving on.

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Just duck tape a dead fish under their car seat. To the bottom of it now, not where they can see it. You get a little back on them, and no one gets really harmed. I got more, but that should work well.

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Worse for who? Focusing on destructive 'revenge' actually is more detrimental to you than it is to your intended victim. Put it all behind you and move forward .. Life is too short to waste it on someone you begrudge.

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I understand the feeling that you want to exact revenge on another person. Who doesn't want to "get back" at someone for making you feel bad, made you embarrassed, stole your boyfriend, etc.?

However, once you give into that mindset, you have essentially handed over the controls of yourself to the other person. You're saying that you don't have the internal fortitude to just walk away and be done.

Having revenge and hatred consume your life is not living well. Living well is your best revenge.

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I hear what you're saying. But, should we not exact revenge on someone who has deliberately done wrong or harm to us? I mean why should one just walk away? The person didn't walk away before wronging or hurting you?
Walt O'Reagun
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There is a difference between "revenge" and "justice".

If someone deliberately wrongs/harms you ... you should seek justice.

Revenge? Well, that is what led to the Hatfield-McCoy feud. And we see how well that works.
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My mother has deliberately wronged myself and her other four children, along with all but one of her grandchildren, over and over again. The abuse she has heaped on us - the relationships she has damaged - the lies that she has told - there is no end to the torment and never will until she dies.

My heart yearns to do something to her to get even with all the pain she has caused me throughout the years.

Do I want to do something to her to get even? H3ll, yes. Will I? Probably not, because I care about how my son would take this. I struggle with being the bigger person in this situation.
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I'd give it some time and see how you feel, there is no time limit on revenge in this way you can hand the consequences over to the universe for a bit rather than consuming yourself in anger. No one thinks clearly in anger and so if you do react you are bound to get caught. Give it some time, if you still feel the same in a week, a month, a year, 2 years time, you can get revenge then, the choice doesn't disappear.

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Be utlra nice to them. They won't believe what hit them. That's the healthiest revenge.

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Contrary to popular belief, revenge won't bring you any satisfaction. Sometimes it makes things worse.. Just let life play itself out. After all, you know what they say. Karma's a bitch:D

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