What Is The Worst Thing That Could Ever Happen To A Human Being?


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I know a woman a admire so much.  She drove home one night and was stopped by three African men.  They pulled her out of her car and started to stab her with knifes and while they were doing this they started to pull her cloths of her body and all of them raped her.  The last gruesome act they performed was to cut her throat and they left her for dead next to the road.
Up to today we still don't know how she survived that incident and still managed to stay sane.  She had 37 stab wounds in her body.  She lost a lot of blood.  She managed to crawl to a farmhouse and those people phoned the hospital to help her.
She was in hospital for months and even the doctors didn't have any hope for her but with Gods will she survived and today she is stronger then ever and give motivational talks everywhere in the world telling woman what to do and how she got through it and still be sane.
Also to see someone dieing of cancer.  To see them going through hell and you can't do anything but watch how they are busy disappearing in front of your eyes.
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I would think a torture killing of a live human being, (example)The dragging death of the man in Jasper TX,dragged behind a truck pulling him apart limb by limb and his skin being rip from his body decapitated by the act and left along a road,there maybe others but I recall this one,  for the time being, we have some mean people in this world and that is suppose to be called having fun. Hope this peaks your curiosity as well as answer what I think is among the most inhuman,a shot either hurts after being shot or ends in instant death again I think tortured death is the worse thing that could happen to a human or a animal. Hope this helps.
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To be burned alive has got to be one other of the worse things that could happen to a human being which would be classified as torture as you don't die instantly, I'm sure a person would be fighting for their life. To be burned badly and live the healing is torture also,as they have to keep scraping the dead skin away to promote healing.
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Unrequited love.
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Death itself is the worst thing for a human. There are so many ways for it to happen we can be here all day. But in the end death is death and when it happens we are no longer in existence therefore making it the worst.
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In my opinion, the worst thing that can happen to a human being is to witness the slow and painful death of someone we love and be rendered helpless in preventing or stopping it.
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I'm gonna have to say that seeing someone dieing...that you love....or an actual human being dieing slowly in pain...and another one trying to save him but can't
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I think one of the most horrible things besides extreme torture which is horrendous is the feeling that he/she is all alone as in the end of the world and you are the last person alive. Unless they are very very strong mentally.  isolation is horrible.
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The worst thing that can happen to human is that when he is about to die nobody is there to cry for him.

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