Can I Reduce The Length Of Time Of Wearing Braces?


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The best way to get your braces off as quickly as possible is to do exactly as your orthodontist says. This usually means wearing the rubber bands at all times. If this is painful at first, bear with it because it will become less painful over time. You may also have headgear that you wear at night time and this is absolutely vital. There are other things you can do which may speed up the process slightly. Make sure you always brush your teeth after every single thing you eat. This is because sugar can wear away the cement on the braces which can make them less effective.

Once you have your braces taken off, be sure to wear the retainer afterwards. It has been known that the teeth can go back to how they were before the braces were put on if the retainer is not worn and the person has to go through the whole process again. If you are wearing your retainer, try not to play with it too much as this can stretch it and make it less effective.

80 per cent of teenagers in the US have had braces at some point so do not feel like you are the only one as almost everyone is, or has been in the same boat. It can be tempting to not wear your bands or your retainer but this will simply make the whole process last longer. Try to be grateful that you have the braces and will one day have perfect, straight teeth. It will only be for a few years and then you will be left with a lifetime of perfect teeth so it is all worth it in the long run. Wear the elastics, wear your retainer and brush your teeth as often as possible!
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I quickened the time I had to wear braces but it was still really long.  I was suppose to have to wear my for 3 years and broke it down to 2.  You just have to follow the things to do perfectly.  Brush your teeth after you eat everything not matter what it is (the sugar can eat the cement), don't eat any of the foods that they list not to eat.  I know that part sucks that like all the best food in the world but its only for awhile.  Most if not all will still be there.  And most importantly when you get the rubber bands wear them all the time.  Don't take them out because they hurt or because you don't feel like wearing them those are the most important things to make sure you get your braces off quickly.  Some people don't wear them at all and that adds years onto their sentence others wear them part time and that adds months.  Just do exactly as the doctors tell you and you'll get them off quicker.
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i am currently wearing braces right now and i have had them on for about a year and 4 months, i was told i would have them on for about a year and a half. i got rubber bands on back in November and i barely wore them. i then missed my appointment in december and came back in january. i actually ended up having to get another set of rubber bands in the back of my teeth to pull my jaw apart because i screwed up and didn't wear the rubber bands. if and when you get them you should ALWAYS wear them no matter what. i hate doing it but i have to and i cant wait to get them off. also at night or whenever you should double them so it will speed up the process. GOOD LUCK
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I've been wearing my braces for two-and-a-half years so far.
I was originally supposed to have them on for two years.
My biggest mistakes was never wearing my rubber bands. (For about a year, I was wearing my rubber bands wrong...and then in between not wearing them at all.)


Best of luck!
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I currently wear braces and I hate them soo much. Ive had them years ago and three retainers after that so my teeth are all straight, but my bite is off. I now have braces on top and bottom to correct the bite. To help move this along I was given rubber bands. I would say the same thing; wear the bands all the time! Only take them out to eat and brush, but otherwise keep them in; sleeping and everything. They might hurt the first few days you wear them but its just like the first days of braces, the pain will go away as you get used to them
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Okay so I had mine for 6 months....The dentist gave me 5-6 months after which I got the braces removed the teeth were not perfectly corrected(blame myself for not using rubber bands properly) but were not too crooked by this time. After that I made the biggest blunder I could ever... I did not use retainer like advised and ended up seeing my teeth return to being crooked... I got them put on again now after like 2 years because I promised the dentist I would allow him to complete the process and not slack this time... Well he says I might need to have them on for a year and a half this time because my teeth not only returned to being crooked but they sort of exceeded previous crookedness and are far too outta shape than before... So I actually have increased the wearing time by 3 times than reducing it... Wow! So moral don't slack just be patient....
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This will probably sound pathetic, but just be glad that you have braces and that your teeth will be straight one day. Wear them, grin and bear it - it's far worse to seriously need them but be on a waiting list of millions. :/
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Make your visits instead of every week every 4 weeks and do not I repeat do not take off your rubber bands. Also keep them clean without having crunchy food. You should stay within the orthondist prediction at least.
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I was never given rubber bands, but it's a good idea to keep them on. I got braces for the first time in the fourth grade and they were only on my top four teeth. They straightened out, but my orthodontist would not put them on my bottom teeth even though I needed them. She was trying to lengthen my treatment and get more money for herself! Now I have a new orthodontist, new braces on all of my teeth, and pain!

My advice to you is to get all of your braces on at once so you can get it over with faster! Also when you have a retainer, don't click it off with your tongue (that stretches it out and messes it up)
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I wear my elastics like my dentist says I should but everytime I go for a visit it doesnt seem like theres enough change. Its been like this for half a year can I help speed up the process?
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Well, it is best to talk to your orthodontist if you
are worried about treatment time.  However know that orthodontic treatment is a
process and you won’t want to rush the process to bring your teeth to where
they need to be.

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I have removable braces and am getting traintracks. I was supposed to wear my removables for nine months but I now only need to wear them for 5 months because I hardly took them out. So basically do exactly as the orthodontist says :)

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No you can not reduce the time with the same pair of braces. However you can spend more money and find another costly ones. That will help you reduce the time and speed the recovery.
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By adhering to the orthodontist instructions and time for wearing the retainers or what ever equipment you are given.
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My dentist told me to chew a lot of gum to help my teeth settle but I got mine my junior year of high school and here I am still 19 and a year out of high school and I still have my sucks lol

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