What's the worst thing that's ever happened to you?


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Getting onto the wrong train in Paris when I was a student and ending up in Marseille by mistake.It was a "couchette" or overnight train and I fell asleep and didn't wake up til we arrived in Marseille.I was over 800 miles in the wrong direction and it was a major panic for me,as all my belongings,books and my university project were all in my luggage sitting at Strasbourg station where I was supposed to be.I never want to feel that vulnerable or isolated again lol.
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It's probably the 1 time in my life Hilary where i've been genuinely scared & feeling alone.Thankfully it all worked out & why to this day i never sleep on trains lol.
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I've heard trains in Paris are so confusing!
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Yep the timetable is a nightmare to read especially if you're using the TGV.
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Got stabbed/sliced in the Right arm with a broken beer bottle. Cut me open pretty bad in two places. Went into surgery for 7 hrs removing small shards of glass that was embedded in my arm.  I have a nasty scar now and everytime I take off my shirt and expose my arm people ask what happened..SMH
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I changed lifestyle and it took a considerable time to settle in a different City, make new friends, losing touch with others, who lived in different countries, and then worst .... Became something better....We humans go through lots of ups and downs, and there is always a positve and and negative, simply because man is dualistic. We have an enormous capacity to get over the worst, and many things in life turn up and test us....we learn, we become stronger from the experience, from the fear we might have felt at the worst time, and gee - I like speaking to you Bella, great questions, keep going and have a great day.
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The worst thing that happened to me was when I was in private school where there were jealous girls saying how tall I am and how they wish they had my hair and my height. Ugh, can not stand them. I also cried in private school a lot since I would get in trouble for having a messy desk, getting yelled at to do homework, and the teacher did not want me to change seats but I had to sit up close since I could not see far. So my dad talked to the principal and the principal said no way is he going to change seats for me and he cursed at my dad and he tried to get the principal fired. Finally, I quit going to that private school and when I came back for church some girl said that I got kicked out of private school when  I did not. I decided private school was not right for me and I had a lack of freedom at that school.
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Am still alive
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A woman grabbed me by my leg while in the movie theater. I kept kicking her seat, and I didn't know she was sitting there so she turns around, grabs my leg, and hisses, "STOP IT RIGHT NOW OR ELSE I'LL BEAT YOU UP!" So I started crying and then my mom did an official call to the cops about it. They came to the movie theater and asked me questions. And then like after that, the lady came out of the women's bathroom and ran to the other side of the movie theater where you go and watch your movie. I hope the police got her because I wish I got revenge on her for it. But of course she would make an official call to the police too so . . .

Anyway, I was about 5 or 6 that time. I was born in 2000 and I'm 15 so 15 - 6 = 9 so I got my feelings hurt 9 years ago. Or 10.

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I've ever let my family behind coz I'm too busy to available for them. Shame on me!!

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