How Can I Deal With Stress Really Quickly?


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Go to the bathroom and relieve yourself. : )
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I wonder how many of lifes questions,decisions or problems were solved in a small enclosed space like a bathroom. (ex: Prayer closet,in your car,confessional.) i did not have this in mind when i answered but you know they say to take one thing at a time. So relieve yourself and you may just think a little clearer when dealing with the next problem.: ))
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I guess you could say it like this we all think better on a full stomach.
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Tamarind: Just for the fun of it don't you think better when you don't have to go right now,now ,now. : ) reminds me of those got to go commercials.if your minds on one thing then it's not on what matters.
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Take some deep breaths and ask yourself if this is going to matter next week or next year.
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Someone should able to laugh at least once a day even if it was for a cheap laugh. Oops this should have been one answer down.
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Always try to relax, think of ways to relieve the stress, like walk the other way opposite of the Avoid the situation and stand clear of it.
Think of ways to cheer you up.
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Walking away from a stressful "situation" for a few and taking time to calm down is the best thing to do. If it's stress in general, then you should take a hot bath or shower, and make it a long HOT one. It will release tension in your muscles. Hope this helps you out.
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Take a break, go out side and get fresh air, listen to your fav music if you can, change the subject in a stressful conversation eat chocolate
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I talked with my friends to laugh it off. I also use this method where i have a kind of tight rubber band and i snap the rubber band on my wrist but that's just because i used to cut. (which you should never do, scars last forever.=P) Oh a nice bubble bath really does the trick, maybe add some soothing fuzzes and a scented cinnamon candle, aah the peace. ^^

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