What's the worst thing you've ever been woken up to?


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Once upon a time in a land quite familiar, I awoke to a spider of medium size crawling menacingly across my face. Never have I struck down a living creature with such hatred and prejudice in my life. Shivers run down my spine to this very day at the memory of that cursed morning...

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PJ Stein
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You are not alone! You know how you feel something in your sleep and you sort of brush it? I came full awake when I realized there was a spider filling my hand as I was brushing it away. I flung it across the room and then couldn't find it! At 18 I went and slept with my mom.
Corey The Goofyhawk
I can't say that I blame you. Seeing a spider isn't the problem. It's when the spider disappears is when it becomes a horror story.
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A toxic addicted irresponsible father, who taught me if I wanted to be a father someday, I simply won't be like him.

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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

Loaded question but I'll leave it alone. So the next worst thing was the next morning after being shot down flying a Medavac Helicopter in Vietnam, and realizing I was in North Hanoi Prison for Officers and it wasn't a nightmare but reality and being scared to death.

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Arthur Wright
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Thanks Didgeri but its all part of war and its ugliness and if I hadn't gone thru that, I probably wouldn't be the person I am today so there is some good to come from it and appreciate your comment. A lot better than what we came home to back when
Didge Doo
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Yeah, that was disgraceful. Although there wasn't as much ab use here there was no recognition, either.
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Once, during a hurricane, we left the doors open to avoid windows getting blown out. We awoke to a startling sound at around 3am, with no power. Grabbed flashlights, and found the cat had brought in an injured pigeon. We got that out, went back to sleep and awoke to find the empty body of a dead squirrel in the living room, the entrails in the hallway near the front door and a few spatters of blood all over the porch. Not a great way to start the day!

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Yo Kass
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Woah, waking to a squirrel murder scene...sounds scary
Sunshine Shelly
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It was bad, and considering we don't think the pigeon survived... but found no body... it was really a rough morning. ha ha ha
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It doesn't stack up against some of the others, but the cops knocked on my door about 1.00 am. I said, "Yes, mate?" about two seconds before I realised that my son was out on his motor bike and followed it up with an, "Oh, no." The cop was very quick to reassure me.

It was OK. He had crashed his bike and was in hospital with a broken leg. Still, it was a lousy way to be wakened.

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A wet mattress... Don't judge me...

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The scariest thing I woke up to? Well, you know how when you reach the deepest stage of the sleep cycle know as, Rapid Eye Movement (REM)? :) Your body is paralyzed and if you happen to wake up, you are unable to move a muscle. Most people who wake up during REM sleep sense somebody in the room because they cannot use their basic reflexes. (which is also why some people claim to have been abducted by aliens ;) the gender is most likely male) 

Anyhoo, I woke up during REM sleep and I noticed somebody (a male) by my bedside. We have bunk beds and I sleep at the top!!! So he was standing next to me saying "you'll be alright, you're okay.. Calm down, you'll be fine, it's safe now." Since I couldn't move, I was terrified, I cried, given I was 9 at that time, I'm 15 now ;3 I didn't know what REM sleep was and so I thought it was a ghost. (because I do believe in ghosts.. Still...) it was just terrifying because I saw him really close out of the corner of my eye and couldn't move. I was able to jerk my head to the side and he disappeared :P

I also used to have night terrors, mom said... I don't remember any of them tho.. Apparently, I would wake her up screaming and she'd go in to check on me and I'd ask her why she was in my room, not remembering the dream...

Sorry for the ramble!

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