What Is The Worst Thing A Guy Can Say To A Girl On A Date?


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John Chilberg Profile
John Chilberg answered
The worst things u could say are "you're fat" and "im all out of money. Can you pay? You kind of ow it to me"
Sam Hill Profile
Sam Hill answered
I agree with falloutboy! Or if you mention that your ex gf was a better kisser, or was way hotter.
Olesia Profile
Olesia answered

If you are on dating with normal Guy, he won't say to you things that were mentioned by Falloutboy. But if he is an idiot, he will, run away from him..

I think that if the guy can allow himself to say such things..he isn't worth you!!!

pete bradley Profile
pete bradley answered
"how do you like your eggs in the morning,fertilised?".i once went on a date with someone who bumped into their ex ,got chatting then slipped away in the crowd, made me feel like sh*t.
I am Life..... Profile
I am Life..... answered
A guy can ruin the date by talking about his ex gf and it feels bad to the other person sitting with him as she will feel that she is bad enough for not being able to stop him from thinking and talking about his ex...... Its a great disappointment.....
Sarah Profile
Sarah answered
The worst thing is if u say the girl is fat
chantel maclaren Profile
The worst thing a guy could say to a girl on a date would be "got any money" i would be annoyed if a guy asked me that on a date.
jamie wise Profile
jamie wise answered
The worst thing either can do on a date is start comparing them to their ex or start tlking bout their ex its just weird

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