I Am 12 And I Want To Ask A Girl Out But I Am Afraid Of Rejection I Need Help Step By Step. What Should I Do?


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Go for it she probably likes you to. Look I'm also 12 and have been with my boyfriend for 10 months and one thing you need to know is don't hold back besides even if she don't like you or something at least she knows how you feel!! My boyfriend never told me he liked me he told his friends and they asked me what I thought about him I said I thought he was cute nice and trustworthy and now we are together!!  We have kissed like A TON of times and made out a lot too. We hold hands in hallways at school and hug and we kiss there too. But if your at school be sure not to get cought mkay good luck!!
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Hey you are in a twoside loveso there is no matter however you can express. But understand 'zero's problem his is onesided! Think in that way and suggest him something more..! ok.
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Okay, take it from a girl who is the same age as the one you want to ask out. We pre teen girls love boys. Sometimes we'll go out with a boy even if we don't have a crush on him, just for the experience. We always end up falling in love anyway with a guy we go out with. Sure, there is rejection, but the chances of rejection from pre teen girls like me are about 2 out of 10. I say go for it! =)
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Don't worry about being rejected . Even if the girl you like says no she's not really rejecting you. At 12 she may be feeling really nervous and not know what to do either. Some girls of 12 are really nervous of boys and they're terrified of rejection too.
No matter how old we are the best thing for anyone is to make good friendships so trying to be friendly with her and other girls is a natural way to bein a relationship. Hopefully if you can become friends you can start a special friendship.
Just try to get talking to her, ask her what she enjoys at school, what sort of music she likes and just general questions. She'll be really pleased that you are interested in her and hopefully it'll be OK.
If hse doesn't respond to your efforts it's not really a rejection, it's just that maybe she's not ready to be anyones girlfriend yet. There's loads of time to meet girls yet!
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When I first asked a girl out I was shaking and so nervous. When you start to say the big question it kinda starts flowing out like a river. I was sweating really bad because I was nervous and afraid of rejection. She said yes. Don't worry about it. Where I'm trying to get to is if you worry then it all goes down hill.Good luck man. Hope everything works out.
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Go for it! Ask her out when nobody else is around, get her by herself. Just let her know, say....you know, I really like you and I want you to be my girlfriend.....It's a yes or no question so she has no need to beat around the bush. Either she'll go for it or she won't...Everybody is afraid of rejection which is why people never do what they feel....But you'll never know what can happen if you don't ask...So go for it! I hope she says yes.
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You should ask her out because if you don't, you are going to wonder about "What if..?" You never know, maybe she likes you too. Go for it and Good Luck.
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Okay, well I'd suggest you just go for it! Everyone's afraid of rejection, but the worst thing that can happen is that she says no, and if she does, just ask if you can be friends.
Any way good luck with this girl!!!
Hope this is useful.
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Don't let fear get to you if you really like her ask her out and if she says no then invent something like I'm kidding can you help me get with this girl that's what my friend did and after 2 weeks of talking to her they got together
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I would give her notes claiming  that I am doing this for a friend. When I think she likes me, put a note saying it is you and that you have a question. The question is 'will you go out with me?'.
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Lol, man I can so relate to you, I was 12 when I first got asked out by the boy I had a crush on and now were both 13 and everything seems gr8!
Don't be afraid to tell her that you like her okay? There's a good chance they might like you too ;D

I advise you to just hang around with her more often and Lil tip here ;D
make her laugh and smile every now and then, girls often go for boys who can do that.

Good luck mate ;D
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All you gotta do is give her a sweet gift & ask her out. If she says no, don't worry. There are plenty of girls in your life & one day, you'll get the right girl. If she says yes than give her a quick kiss on the cheek. Just make sure you worry a little because if you were 100% Positive, it may not work. Hope this helps!

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Okay, well I'd suggest you just go for it! Everyone's afraid of rejection, but the worst thing that can happen is that she says no, and if she does, just ask if you can be friends.
Get her on her own, and just come out with it, if she tells everyone then she's not a very nice person and she's not worth going out with, but you are also very young so you will meet loads of better people as you grow up more and go to college or what ever. Any way good luck with this girl!!!
Hope this is useful.
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Well, it does depend on whether you're a boy or a girl. If YOU are a girl, and you think of yourself as gay/lesbian, then that would be weird. Just imagine if SHE wasn't one.
But if you are a GUY, I would definitely say GO FOR THE GOLD! Ask your friend out to do an activity that you can afford, such as a walk in the park (free), or something like the movies (about 5 dollars per person....that's a lot! 10 BUCKS!!)
Whatever you do, just have fun.....
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First, you have to make a friendship with her. Hang out after school or something for a year or 2. Then one day when you think you are ready, tell her how you feel. Don't be shy of rejection. It happens to everyone, even me, when I was 12. I got over it easily.

Good luck if you ever see this!
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Being straight and frank always works out for the girls. So no more loop lines. Just tell her what's in your mind sincerely and she'll definitely agree... ok...all the best.
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First of all, you are way too young to be thinking about dates or dating. Your focus should be on academics, sports or such like. More important, you should be learning about who you are, i.e. Your identity. So many young people are thinking about things that are too adult for them, for example, having sex. Those who delved into things before their time grew up to be haters, depressed, adulterers, suicidal, angry or such like because they didn't wait. They didn't find out or don't know who they are. If you don't believe me, ask an adult in passing. Sex of course is another subject in itself. But dating subsequently will lead into light petting, then heavy petting then eventually sex. There are too many other things you should be focused on that will enable you to become a better, well rounded mature person. You may be resistant to this response and that is 'your choice,' but you must remember, and I can't stress this enough and that is, whatever 'you choose,' you must PAY the consequences. Choices are long lasting and life changing. I leave with this, 'choose wisely.' You may want to talk to a youth counselor and or pastor. In addition, hanging around others who are called squares or the not so popular, don't worry about that. Hanging with the popular may not be who you really are anyway. I am a unique person, a very good influence and don't hang out with the popular, but I have Jesus. I am alive, free, loved by others, hated by some yet more important, I know who I am! I'll be praying for you.

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