How Do I Ask A Girl Out When She Doesn't Like You?


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If you are absolutely sure she does not like you but you still would like a chance at a relationship anyway, the best thing you can do is simply - GO FOR IT. Tell the young lady that you are aware she does not think highly of you but you would like a chance to prove to her that you are one of the good guys. Tell her that you think the 2 of you could have some fun times together and if she would go out with you 3 times you promise she will change her mind. But, before you ask her, be sure that you have 3 dates in mind that will be fun and will show what a nice guy you really are. It's got to be fun if you use that line. A game arcade, a swim park or a circus..something that you will both enjoy and will not put pressure on you to be romantic. Let that come later. Be sure you have saved plenty of money so that you do not have to scrimp on the game coupons or snacks etc. Go all out for those first 3 dates. The 4th date, and hopefully there will be a 4th, will be the time to go to a movie and hold her hand & ask for a kiss when you part company, or go on a picnic & take some nice music and give her a book or a CD,(be sure you find out what she enjoys during the first 3 dates). From that point on Romeo, you are on your on. Good luck. You may not get a date with the girl of your dreams, but you will never know until you try. Just remember, should she turn you down, there are lots of young ladies in this world and one of them will think you are the greatest thing since sliced bread. You just have to keep looking until you find her. I promise you that you will.
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If youre friends with her then just as her out as a friend don't let her know you like her yet. Slowly and gradually if you feel that it wont affect your relationship then tell her later on. Let her get to know you. Don't sweat it
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Ok, from a girl's point of view,
instead of just going ahead
and asking a girl out, why don't
you be friends first, get to know her,
and if you still seem to have feelings for her,
ask her, but that's just me, it also depends on the type of girl
you like.
But it's your choice on how to ask out the girl,
but be prepared for an embarrassing "umm,sorry,I can't"
By the way, that also means, 'NOWAY',
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Ok this might sound strange but it should work! at her
2.gave her compliments nice to her to her!!! friends best friends
7.ask her out
make her like you ,r you ugly or something ?

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