I Always Say Things To My Boyfriend That Make Him Sad. I Don't Mean To Make Him Sad It Just Always Does. Am I An Accidental Jerk Or Is He Just Sensitive?


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Rachel Duncan answered
My husband is a very sensitive man, and if I say the wrong thing even if I didn't mean it that way he can get defensive. It might just be his nature, or it could be a lack of self esteem on his part, maybe he doesn't feel so good about who he is, so any comment that is negative can hurt him. You shouldn't have to handle him with kid gloves, but you need to try and be tactful when you have something negative to say. If you need to say something say it, and then accent it with something positive about him. That may help him deal with the negative better.
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allen shane answered
For me your bf is sensitive! But since you know that he feel that way when you're doing that, avoid being sarcastic or don't criticise him coz no one is perfect... Instead don't talk just show him or teach him what to do... Or even talk him in a gentle way...

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