What Types Of Things Can You Talk About On A Date If You Are Shy And Cant Really Think Of Anything To Talk About?


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Will Martin answered
The first thing is not to worry too much, because the other person will probably be feeling shy too. It may be easier to get them to talk than to talk a lot yourself -everyone likes a good listener. People will talk more if you ask open questions than closed ones, eg "What kind of music do you like?" may be better than "Do you like Band X?" at first. But ask questions in a nice way, otherwise it sounds like an interrogation!

On your first date, if don't know this person well and are shy, how about going to see a film, or go bowling or something - I know these are very obvious things to do, but sometimes it's easier to get to know a person if you aren't just talking but are actually busy doing something else!

Otherwise, I'd go for safe, general topics - things you like doing, what you do (work, study, whatever) it's not exciting but it breaks the ice. If you like each other, you'll soon feel able to talk more freely.
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Mary Frederick answered
The answer to this question depends a lot upon your age and your interests. Asking questions about favorites is always a good way to start a conversation.

For example: Ask what is your all time favorite movie? Once you get the answer you can say; Tell me what you liked or did not like about the movie? Get the other person talking. Listen to what is being said and respond to that information.

If it is a movie you have seen then tell why you liked or disliked the movie or a particular part, a particular character, etc. This method of conversation can be used to begin conversations
with just about anyone, anytime.

Rather than a movie you can use books, TV shows, a sport.
or sports figure. The important thing is help the person you
are with feel comfortable and free to share with you. This will in turn put you at ease; feeling less shy!
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If your with a guy ask him anything about himself, or if your with a girl ask anything about her. But my favorite that I try to practice all the time is just tell your date the truth in a kiss up way like,"Joe I really like you and it's causing me to choke on my words because I don't want to say the wrong thing". The truth is always the best., but best put over in a very sweet way !
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Its easy to make conversation even when you shy. Talk as if you were talking to someone you know or one of your friends....Ask how was your day or weekend? What did you do? What's your favourite colour? Are you into any sports? What kinda movies are you into? What kinda music do you like? What foods do you enjoy? What do you do on your spare time? Something like this would surely break the ice. Don't be shy. Just let the conversation flow and everything else will fall into place.

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