Is Homosexual Natural Instinct Or Acquired Behavior? What Do Objective Research Findings On Homosexual Behaviour Conclude On This?


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Homosexual nature is not an acquired behaviour...It is a natural instinct and as far as I know it is due to chromosomal or genetic abnormality.
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Thank you for your answer temuzion. Can you refer any specific research finfidngs that conclude it as an acquired behaviour, please? You also say it is chromosomal /genetic abnormalcy. Also what is the source of your information? You use th e trem "abnormalcy" that needs further clarification too. Is it a value judgement or used to mean an exception in natural course of phenomena. The overwhelming number of homosexuals though do not support the latter idea.
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I mean to say that 'abnormality' means if the normal xy pattern of human chromosomes replaced by something like xxy....that may lead! As far as specific research is concerned I'm sorry because I just revealed you what I long back heard in my Intermediate standard class.
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All of the research to date currently suggests that homosexuality is an acquired trait but is definitely genetically and or prenatally predisposed. Nothing like an attraction is ever fixed. Where you born with a preference for chocolate to vanilla? I didn't think so, now what makes you think you could be born with such an infinitely more complex preference? P.S. Think of predisposition as the things that ultimately lead to your preference to chocolate, but there is no causal link between the inborn disposition and the homosexual disposition itself.

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