Is GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bi And Transverse) Sexual Urge Natural Or Acquired Behavior?


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Sexual urges have nothing to do with being gay, lesbian, bi, transgender, transsexual, transvestite, questioning, drag queens or other GLBT words.

Desire to have sexual relationship activities with a person of the same gender does not have anything to do with being GLBT. 

Having an acquired sexual or any sexual BEHAVIOUR, NATURAL OR ACQUIRED,  is not what causes anyone to be GLBT.

In this day and age there are so many normal, healthy, perverse 'straight' 'heterosexual' persons who decide to experiment with sexual activities in the way that they think GLBT persons do, that they are the odd people.  I find it most interesting that 'being on the downlow' is so attractive to such perverts.

Being gay, lesbian, or other GLBT is in the DNA as being proven at OHSU (Oregon Health Science University, Portland). 

Why would ANY reasonable choose to belong to the most hated group of people worldwide and in all of history?  I just don't understand why anyone would even believe that GLBT persons choose to ?  In fact, it is unreasonable that straight/breeders/hetero/heterosexuals would want to become GLBT.  The ONLY CHOICE for any GLBT person is whether to come-out...nothing more. 

Usually teenagers become aware that they are attracted by HEART to another person and prefer to be in the presence with people of the same GENDER (NOT THE WORD 'SEX' ).  They begin to sense that somehow they are different---may wish to go to the Prom with a same gender person, may be teased dreadfully by peers and know that something is different, are 'just aware'.  To know one is LBGT  is so often a gradual matter.  Many, many deny, deny, deny their feelings or questions that cause them to believe/know that they are gay and react against that denial by being a good church member, getting married, having children and grandchildren, becoming angry when someone asks them or gossips about them as possibly being gay.  Denial is not just a river in Egypt.

I came out at age 60 after doing what was expected of me in 1955 church and society, to be able to have a career in teaching, just to belong even though I had realized at 16 that I must be different because I did not want to date guys but greatly enjoyed being in the presence of girl friends.  I married the first and only guy that I dated who asked me to marry him.I married as society and church anticipated, had kids, grandkids, raised my kids as single mum,  raised 3 grandchildren while my son was in military (24 years) and at 60 I decided to live the 'me' that God had put into every cell of my DNA.  I have been happiest and at peace since then more than in my now 69 years and 8 years with a wonderful person of my same gender.  My kids and grandkids think it wonderful that I now live as the me that I was created to be.
My life partner and I were ATTRACTED BY OUR HEARTS, ROMANTICALLY, therefore had our first date.  Much later we committed our love to each other and moved in together...just the same as straight people.
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Being transgendered, being male with definite female leanings, it is natural.  It is nothing that I choose, or I would have been born female.  So it certainly isn't an acquired behaviour.  And I don't think it is for gays, lesbians or bi's either ... It is just the way we are.
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Thankyou best4writing! Thankyou! your response was enlightening. I will certainly visit website of OHSU (Oregon Health Science University, Portland), if any, and study the findings. Your write up was heart-touching. Thank you once again.
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'The research includes studies of male goats which seem to prefer to hump male goats instead of female goats, something which true among all kinds of animals====ever see a male dog hump another male dog? OSHU has found that the behavior cannot be changed even with hormones. Also, the particular male sheep do NOT hump all other male sheep....they are selective, just as humans who are considered gay or 'homosexuals' are because they select others of the same GENDER as a response from their hearts, just as heterosexuals do, unless they are specifically seeking prostitutes-----heterosexual and homosexual male humans BOTH have some amont them who seek prostitutes. Other research based on fragrances shows that homosexual males respond positively only to fragrances and other scents/fragrances that are specifically male...a finding that indicates that the BRAIN guides the desires and actions of homosexuals just as it does for heterosexuals.

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