Why Do Some Men Decide To Become Gay? And Why Do Some Women Decide To Become Lesbian?


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Because they are very confused by the sinful life they live.
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Sometimes men and women might think it would be cool to try something different in their lives.  Sometimes maybe they could have been molested as a child either by the same or opposite sex.  We all need love and affection throughout our lives whether we admit it or not and if we don't get it from the opposite sex, we may try the same sex.  I also think some people are actually born with tendancies to feel attraction to the same sex individuals, but not everyone.  It is not an easy "black or white" answer.
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They are just letting the devil take control of them
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In my opinion, all things are controlled by a spirit.  Anger is a spirit, and if we allow it can control and take over us.  Perhaps one can hang out with a person who swears a lot, you don't,sooner or later you will.  Satan is always readily available to take control, even from the wound.  So, my answer is as such, that it is a spirit.   Some spirits can be prayed off by yourself, yourself and others (i.e pastor, other members,etc), sometimes it takes more to rid certain spirits or if one doesn't have the strength to overcome, such as (the person may need to be exorcised).   As well, GOD gave us freewill.  So we can be or not to be. To do or not to do, and so forth and so on.  The fact of the matter is, we know what is right and what is wrong.  Simply, it is not always as easy as it sounds, some things take pure fasting, prayer, the reading of the word (complete consecration), all that you have do to do right.  That is not easy either, considering we are humans, but if JESUS did it, we must use him as our example.
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Demonic sprits live in them. They need to rebuke the demon spirits out of their bodies and sin no more!
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OK, this question is fundamentally flawed.  Ninety percent of the time, being homosexual is not a choice! Most homosexuals are born that way. No, I do not mean to say that God created them that way. Something happened in the womb, not of God, that made them that way. For most people, it is not a choice.  I can't help being straight anymore than a gay person can help being gay. Homosexuals have feelings and attractions for members of the same sex just as I have feelings and attractions for members of the same sex.  It is not a choice; it is who they are!
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I don't think it has anything to do with the devil or god. Its just that in some cases the same attract instead of opposites. Most likely guys go to guys or girls go to girls because they can relate better and most likely have the same likes. You know like playing games/doing makeup or hair, sense of danger/trying to have a nice body, physical changes whatever you know what I mean. 2guys/2girls can understand eachother more than a guy and girl because they are so much alike.
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I mean its pretty much their decision. I mean people have their own ways of being themselves. I mean if you see a gay man, or a lesbian, its not wrong, they are humans just like us.

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