Why do some girls want to become pornstars? Is it just money? Or is there something else?


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Yo Kass answered

I'm no expert on the subject, but blogger and former porn star Jennifer Ketcham (no relation to Pokémon trainer Ash Ketchum I hope) pointed out that it has a lot to do with the home environment that a kid grows up in.

It starts with the values and morals that are ingrained in the child's mind, that then have the potential to lead someone to make these kind of life choices as an adult.

It's a surprisingly conservative view for someone that's worked in the industry herself, but I guess a lot of it stands to reason - and an interesting answer nonetheless!

What are your views?

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Brian Scott answered

Why does everyone assume it's not just for the sex? Some pornstars look like they enjoy their job, others you can tell they're just in it because they're desperate for money. That's the 'sad' porn out there.

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