I Want To Be Gay.what Should I Do?


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I agree with some of the other answers, just have sex with a man and see if you like it.I am bisexual but I wasnt always like it, my first ever encounter with a man was the reason why I knew I was bi, I was out clubbing and a gay man came on to me and I didnt resist, even though I had never thought about men that way before I just went with the flow and ended up back at his place and I slept with him and loved it.so try it and see for yourself, just don't have any regrets if you hate being with a man because it will eat you up inside.
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Find a man and have sex with him if you liked it keep on doing it but if you didn't like it than don't do it I liked it so I keep having sex with men
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One cannot turn Gay on just wish or fascination, Being Gay/Lesbian or straight is totally natural and comes in humans itself. You cannot force yourself to create feelings for Men, It would be something natural when you start getting attracted to guy and want to be with him for more than just physical relationship. Remember that being Gay is not necessarily acting like Girls. If you want to be a Gay, then you should have interest in guys for spending life there is no compulsory need to act like girls(because that quality can be of Eunuch too and Gays are not Eunuch) or take those responsibilities like women do for home.
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You WANT to be gay??? Wow... Never heard anyone say that... Why do you want to be gay? I mean I get why gay people would say they want to be straight (because being straight sometimes just seems easier) but the other way around???
Well I guess if you don't even feel the tiniest bit attracted to the same sex there is nothing you can do about it. You can always try it out but sexual orientation is not something that can be changed.
If I were you I'd just try being with someone of the same sex and see if I like it or not.

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You cannt choose if your gay its you are or your not anyway it matters what you feel.
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Ummm.....jus go for it I guess, uh, ask a sexy guy out c what happens (: If you feel lik its right then there you go. If not then mayb its not your time? I don't know lolz sorry I'm trying to help.
Good luck (;
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Umm, you either are or you aren't. To want to be to be trendy or something is, to be brutally honest, stupid. 
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Try to find a gay and talk about your feelings and what you think, You can be the gay if U wish that. 

 I have sometime feeling for man, but its so difficult to talk about that feelings

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