Ok I Found Out My Mom Is Gay I'm Sixteen And I Know What Makes Her Happy I Should Be Good With But It's Really Hard For Me To Deal With I Don't Know What To Do Any Suggestions To Make Dealing With This Easier Or Any Support Groups Something ?


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Finding that out at your age is very difficult. Your whole life you thought everything was "normal" and all of a sudden you feel different. You have to understand how important it is for your mom to come out and be honest finally. She probably feels great now that people know, but unfortunately, you have to deal with the repercussions. Luckily, this is 2008, and A LOT of people are accepting of gay relationships. Heck, gay marriage is legal in some states now. Your mom needs your support now, but you need hers as well. You should feel comfortable to ask her any questions you might have. Knowing more from her might ease your mind a little. Your mom has put her feelings aside for years while raising you, and now she is finally free, and she needs you to put your feelings aside and just accept her and love her. It is new to you and in time it will all sink in, and I think you will be fine with it. You love your mom, just be happy for her.
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Very true and very wise words. It's totally understandable if you have trouble diving into this whole new truth about your mom, but remember; she's still your mom, she still loves you, and she still loves, just differently. Just take your time, look around for some supportive people in your life. There are books at the library that can help teens who are met with difficult changes like this.
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It's gonna be tough but look at it this way. She is still your Mom. It shopuld not make any difference. When my brother "came out of the closet", I just told him that it doesn't matter-he is still my brother and I will still be here for him no matter what. I think if you just accept it and think that way , you will be fine.
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It is going to be hard to deal with it. My cousin just decided to turn gay and I get a lot of stuff rubbed in my face at school. All I can tell you is that there is nothing you can do to change it. It will take a while to except it but it is whatever makes her happy! Talk to her about how it makes you feel and maybe she can explain to you why she decided to make this decision! Good luck!
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This is a divorce or separation issue, which I feel is often harder on the people involved, than a death. You still have the people here on the planet, as a constant reminder of what you miss. Take it slow. Do not let gossip and rumour mess with your head. You Stay on your toes and keep to your own path.
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I found out my mom was gay 2 years ago, I'm 14 now, but was 12 then. It was really hard for my to accept it, at first.But eventually I got used to it, trust me it is really difficult at first, I know. But support her, thats always the easiest way. I joined my school's gay straight alliance group, that helped out a lot.  Hope everything goes good (:
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This is a community support group. I don't have gay parents, but I have a gay uncle whom I love with all my heart and have learned to respect and love the way he is. At first it was kind of hard to get used to his relationship with another man but then you kind of start understanding more.

I think you are doing great supporting her, but you may also feel better by talking directly to her, let her know how you feel and she might feel confused as well as how to express herself openly with you. Communication is key to most personal issues among 2 or more people :)

that's what I believe.

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