What is love? Everyone has a different idea of falling in love, what are your thoughts on it?


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Love to me is ppl caring for u..... Nd will do anything for
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Buzz ross answered
Love at frist sight
love is when you know that someone you know cares about you and would risk their life to save yours
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Falling in love is when you love somebody either they love you back or not, they date other people or not, they hurt you, or not. You love them no matter what. And i also believe in love at first sight, though, learning that its love is what takes so long sometimes.
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What is love?!?....baby dont hurt me...dont hurt me....no more....no more....XD....its the emotional attraction between two people resulting in the other person in a sense being the centre of their world....it drives many people to do both smart and silly things just for their recipient, love also cant be predicted....ye that was random stuff from the top of my head =)....you got that song ringing round ma head now haha...'right round baby right round like a record player....') XD
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It's when U can stand the other person, and stay with them,  no matter how many annoying habits they may have.
U may do that for other reasons too....so I guess it's whatever U feel it is to U.

Being committed to another is a good start. Caring about them more than U do for anyone else, including yourself sometimes, helps. Feeling like U can trust them with your life is another good one. Wanting only the best for them is a good sign too.
I'd call these love. Tho my 1st reason isn't really a good one. That may just be stupidity !!
Did U wanna know how U know you've fallen in love ?
I'd say that happens when U feel those glowing butterflies in your stomach & can't stop smiling at them or when your thinking about them, or talking about them all the time.
Of course, I'm dog tired right now, so I'd say just about anything...lol

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