What Is It Like To Fall In Love For The Second Time?


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The first time a girl or boy fell in love is due to their natural attraction that is usually due to their physical wants, and they hardly thinks about the consequences of their relationship in the long run, as they are blindly in love. If they can manage to get married usually they both together bear all the hardships , as for them their relation is a challenge to the outer world.

They feel extremely together, but if due to some misfortune their relationship ends, both have deep sorrow, and lot of experience of the miseries caused by their impatient decision. Now if the same situation arises in their lives, first of all they become more hesitant due to the hidden fear of separation, further the reasons of their failure serve them as their belief system, and they want to avoid the same mistakes, they want more clear, more productive and permanent relationship. As far as due to their previous sex experience they know it better, therefore it makes a point for their sexual attraction being more intense towards each other. And usually it is .sex+mind+attitude+financial security which they both seek.

Now for analyzing their situation they spend more time and energy, they feel reluctant in expressing their love to their partner, may be free from the first break up abuse. The most difficult situation becomes when the first love affair is kept as a secret, and to keep it still a secret one speak too many lies to the second person involved. Few of them have enough courage to expose their true faults of the failure of their first love affair to their new partner. Those who take courage, and get along with their new love partner will usually find it very soothing and rewarding. As they can control the reasons of their first love affair`s downfall. The second love affair can prove a connection of mind and body, with mutual understanding, if it is establish on faith and trust.
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There is not any first and second time in love. Love only happen once in a life. Mostly we get the wrong idea about, loving a person and liking a person. Sometimes we spend good time with any person then we get the wrong idea, that you are in love with that person but actually its not love. It is just attraction and we just like that person. Its just our crush on that person, we like the personality, their talking behavior and talking styles then we feel that we are in love with that person but this feeling just vanish with the passage of time.
When you find the correct and right person for you then, you don't need anyone else in your life for the search of love.

I also don't agree with love at first sight, its just attraction, which we call love. When we find our real love then we say it second or third time love, but actually it is our first time and actual love. That love remains within our heart for our entire life. Love is a feeling which only comes once in our life, when it comes then remains.
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The feeling of love we have is always same, the way we care is always same. The feeling of love never changes, it just a person that gets change in place of previous one, so I think it important like 1st one

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