If My Girlfriend Said She Is Bored With Me And Tells Me To Give Her Time To Fall In Love With Me, Should I Give Her The Time She Wants?


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Yes! I have a boy friend also, first I like him and now I don't know what up with him .
But I still have some feeling left for him.
And I think you really should, and she is bored so start to be romantic with her (that is what I want with my boyfriend)
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Yes, but tell her that by giving her this space you're not condoning that she play the field until she realizes that she wants you, it's unfair.  I don't think you can really fall in love with someone by being with other "someones".  I'm not saying thats what she's going to do, but if her intentions WERE to fall in love with you, why isn't she putting in the work to do so, like spending time with you & talking about what you & she wants in this relationship.  I think, personally & this is strictly my opinion, she's trying to push you away & has no intentions of falling in love with you.
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You should respect what she has told you, she might need sometime to think ove this and she want to be sure before taking the next step, and love is all about patience and understanding each other.She is asking for some space, and you should give her that. She needs it that's why she has told you this so boldly. It might be possible that she is finding you going a bit fast and that's why she has told you to give her sometime. It's not a bad sign but a good sign that she is willing to think about you and all she is asking is sometime. Don't even ask her that how much time she's going to require... Let her decide on this... That's all I have to say..
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Yes you should give her some time but you should go with some one like me I will give  you every thing you want but not like that
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If you really love someone you'd give them all the time in the world to fall back in love with you. Plenty times I have been bored with a guy but that's not a reason for me to leave the relationship. Just start doings to help her figure out her feelings for you.

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