I tried to talk to my ex girlfriend telling her I apologize of the way I broke up with her and I would like a second chance. She tells me she needs space and she said to me hope all is well and you're feeling okay?


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She hopes you are doing well and all is okay. In other words she is not holding a grudge for you dumping her. She has forgiven you. But that also means her forgiveness set her free. You need to let her be free. If it's "ment to be" she'll come back but if not or until then you made your bed... Now lie in it! I am sorry but you set her free and free is what she has. People are not play things. They are not toys.

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Sounds like she's more mature than you were.  Give her the space she wants.  You blew it.  Don't make it worse by putting a ton of pressure on her.  Just because she's polite, doesn't mean you can push and shove your way back in.  Put her needs ahead of yourself, then you'll be showing maturity too.  You'll also be showing that you can respect her. 

You can't make her forgive you.  Focus on forgiving yourself and doing better next time.

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That's code for being peeved at you.

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